Mom Comes Up With Clever Way To Help Grieving Community : Boxtops For Newtown

btfe_logoupdateIf you have kids in elementary school, you are all familiar with the Boxtops for Education program, where you can collect boxtops from hundreds of products that most families use everyday. Pamela Zagami, a single working mother of two beautiful daughters, ages six and eight, was saddened by the mass shooting that took place at Sandy Hook Elementary and wanted to do her part to help the community. Pam told Mommyish:

 The school my girls attend is similar to Newtown.  Just a wonderful elementary school in a perfect, idyllic New England community.  My eldest daughter’s teacher grew up in Newtown and, although she wasn’t personally affected by the tragedy, it hit her and her family very hard.  I do not know anyone who lives in Newtown myself.  I’m so saddened by what happened.  I think about my girls and I do not think I could cope with that loss.
My idea for the boxtops came because I felt I needed to do something but I have very limited resources.  However, I have lots of boxtops!  My girls love cereal, cake, fruity pebble snacks.  I use these items in the lunches I make for them.  I thought the Sandy Hook Elementary School needs these more than my girls’ school right now.  And, maybe there are other people out there who would like to contribute.  I looked up the maximum amount Boxtops for Education would donate and they indicated $60,000 so that is my goal.  Each single count box top equals 10cents.  So, I need 600,000 box tops and would like to donate them just after my collection deadline of 6/1/13.

Pam has started a website for her relief efforts at Newtown Boxtops that should be up and functioning today. In the meantime, if you would like to donate your Boxtops you can send them to:

Newtown Boxtop Drive
PO Box 1507
Glastonbury, CT 06033
In memory of the victims and survivors of the Sandy Hook Elementary School tragedy, we are collecting Boxtops for Education to support the Newtown School District in rebuilding or re-establishing a safe, healthy and positive educational environment for their children.
This is such a great idea and for such a worthy cause. I love how people everywhere are coming up with ways to help the Newtown community and show their love and support to these people who have lost so much. If you are a parent participating in a program to help the residents of Newtown, leave us a tip and we will be happy to get the word out.
(photo: boxtops for education)

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