When I Said Attachment Parenting Needed Better PR, I Didn’t Mean Kourtney Kardashian

Not too long ago, an attachment parenting advocate and I made the statement that AP needs better PR. Between all the misconceptions, parenting forum horror stories, and tales of snooty brush offs, the parenting approach doesn’t seem to have many positive, public faces manning the image. So with Kourtney Kardashian now looking into perhaps going AP with Penelope and Mason Disick, practitioners would do well to brace themselves for another big obnoxious hit.

The reality star tweeted an image of The Attachment Parenting Book authored by who else but Dr. William Sears and his wife Martha Sears. She added “excited to read.” Now, Kourtney hasn’t come out as a huge attachment parenting supporter just yet, lunching with Alanis Morissette and the rest. Although the mother does reportedly practice some attachment parenting principles at present, she has yet to grace a parenting magazine cover with some full on extended breastfeeding (goodness, we’re giving them ideas!) Nevertheless, who knows where Kourtney’s idle reading time will take her.

All I know is if the mother of two does decide to drag AP through her reality series and her mommy blog and every other business venture that comes her way, attachment parenting organizations everywhere would do well to scramble. They’ve already endured that ridiculous TIME cover, so they should know how to handle a massive PR crisis by now.

(photo: WENN)

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