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Social Media Makes Me Feel Like An Utter Failure

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Social Media Makes Me Feel Like A FailureWe have all been there. It is 10 AM and a very slow morning. The kids have a snow day and you are wondering  just what to do with them. You are seriously dragging as you were up a little too late watching the Housewives argue on Bravo. In spite of the exhaustion, kids are dressed. They are fed (somewhat).  And you are proud. You still manage to hold on to your title of Supermom. That is, until you see that pic. The one that ruins your day.

A  Facebook friend just posted a photo of a gorgeous display table in the theme of Frozen. There are snowmen and princess cupcakes and colorful cake pops. Everything looks beautiful and perfect, with little coordinating handmade tags. You try not to panic. It is more than likely just a picture she copied off the Martha Stewart website. Or, at worst, a little girl’s birthday party from the week before. You envision it being a party for a girl whose mother just so happens to be a professional event planner. You feel a little sick when you discover the truth: Your friend and her nine kids baked, decorated and put everything together. It was no special occasion for them; just your ordinary snow day activity. It wasn’t big deal, she says, as they all have been up since five AM anyway.  Mind you that this is the same woman that last year made a holiday wreath by hand. She used twigs, string, and an old shoe. The memory still haunts you. Your friend would love to chat more, but she has to go and take the apple pie and chocolate cake out of the oven. You sink in your chair and go looking for your kids. They have to be around here somewhere.

My husband often refers to social media as “a hive of scum and villainy” (a reference from the movie Star Wars) and I think I know why. A lot of time you hop on the computer to “relax” and just end up frustrating yourself more. It seems that everybody is perfect and everybody’s kids are perfect too. I have been guilty of posting pictures of my kids and assorted statuses of what we are doing. However, I must admit the embarrassing truth: I really have no great talent. I am not creative in the least. I am not a baker, or even a great cook for that matter.

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