STFU Parents: Celebrating All The Funny Dads On Facebook

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This week, in honor of Father’s Day, I’m giving props to all the funny dads on Facebook. For every terrible fart joke or Instagram of a toddler’s bathtub floater, most dads post something truly witty. I’m not saying it’s a balanced 1:1 ratio, but for the most part dads on Facebook have two objectives when it comes to posting about their kids: Make people recoil or make people laugh. And more times than not, I’d say they manage to achieve both. Dads don’t tend to use Facebook as a way to communicate their feelings of insecurity or frustration; rather, they use it as a platform to be as vile or hilarious as possible. They act like goofs pulling pranks on their friends, which is in many ways a much more lighthearted use of Facebook than the way moms tend to use it. Dads don’t use Facebook for validation. They use it to virtually high five their buddies about something stupid. It’s actually refreshing.

Of course, dads aren’t perfect. I’ve seen some extremely questionable photos – and submissions like this – that make my jaw drop. Some dads have no conscience, no inner voice saying, “Posting a picture of your daughter hopping around the living room with toilet paper flying out of her ass is the worst idea you’ve ever had.” And to those dads, I am sorry. This column is not dedicated to you and your impulsively bad decisions. No, it’s dedicated to those who strive for more than cheap laughs and who put real thought into their updates by adding that special Dad Flairâ„¢. Let’s take a look at some dad-centric examples:

1. Analogies


OK, I’ve seen funnier, but this dad makes a good point about pigeons and babies. Plus the visual is pretty hilarious. It’s always nice to see a funny baby comparison that doesn’t involve drunken frat boys or Snooki.

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