A Complete Skin Care Guide For Moms And Babies

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When we become parents, we want so much for our kids to live a happy-filled life. There’s a lot of stress that comes along with being responsible for a whole new human. It can be overwhelming when we think about all the aspects of the care we need to be aware of. This isn’t just true for their physical health, but their social and mental health as well. It’s a 100% 24/7 job, and we’re lucky to be able to enjoy this journey. Add to that our own body that has gone through so much change, and it’s important to take care of the skin we’re both in. With this, we’ve put together a skin care guide for moms and babies to help out.

With so many products available for skin care for moms and our little ones, it’s hard to narrow down which products we actually need. What’s really going to work for us and what ingredients are important to look for – and many more important – which ingredients we need to avoid.

We all want the best for our babes, so finding the best skin care products for our kids means we need to know what we’re looking for. Many parents need to find baby products and skin care products for moms that are clean, simple to use, affordable and take care of our skin. Making skin care apart of our daily routine is a way to make sure we’re getting a little extra love, and it’s a wonderful bonding thing to do with our little one.

We’ve put together some pointers and a skin care guide for moms and babies, so you know what to look for, what to avoid, and have a good idea on where to start.

A Skin Care Guide For Moms And Babies Plus What To Look For

Moms are tired, and babies have brand new skin. It’s hard to see at face value what these two have in common, but the truth is – there’s a lot there. Moms need products that rejuvenate and brighten more brightness to their skin. Products that help nourish, hydrate, and leave them with a calming smell help combat the day’s stresses.

For babies, having products that help protect their brand-new skin is key. We want to make sure we’re not putting any products with harsh chemicals on and aren’t too heavily scented that may upset their delicate senses.

There’s been a huge boom in natural and organic products lately. And these are huge favorites for moms and babies since the ingredients are ones that we can trust and know that they’re going to leave our skin feeling better, healthier, and more hydrated.

We know that not all skin care products are made the same. Some general guidelines for finding what’s best for you and your baby means avoiding some ingredients. These include things like petrochemicals & mineral oils, parabens, phthalates, sulfates, PEG compounds, and avoiding any synthetic fragrances and colors.

Organic And Natural Bubble Baths For Mom And Baby

According to SkinCareOx, when looking for a bubble bath for yourself or your baby, we want to make sure we’re finding products with safe and gentle ingredients. The site recommends looking specifically for “vegetable glycerin (locks in moisture), organic oatmeal extract (reduces itching, soothing on the skin), organic aloe vera (skin soothing), organic rosehip oil (aids in tissue and cell regeneration), organic sunflower or jojoba oils (very gentle and non-irritating), and organic chamomile (reduces skin irritation).” There is also a recommendation that anyone who has sensitive skin, eczema, or allergies choose gentler natural fragrances as essential oils like chamomile, lavender, or calendula, but unscented likely the best option.

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Pregnancy Skin Care Products

When it comes to choosing skin care products to use during pregnancy, it’s important to ensure we’re using safe ingredients for both mom and the baby. Not all products and ingredients are safe, so it’s important to talk to your care provider to make sure you’re choosing the products that are healthiest for you.

According to Dendy Engelman, M.D., a New York City-based dermatologic surgeon, who spoke with Women’s Health, pregnant women need to avoid products like Botox, retinol or vitamin A in any form, or hydroquinone. She added that ingredients like salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide need to be avoided as well.

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Postpartum Skin Care Products

The postpartum body has a lot more needs than a body during another time of life. It’s important to choose soothing products and bring comfort to healing from pregnancy, labor, and birth. Many skin care lines are dedicated to doing just that, and they’re made with natural and organic ingredients.

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Skin Care For Newborns

Newborns are brand new, so obviously, we want to choose products that will help keep them calm and make the transition into the fourth trimester easy. The best products for newborns are organic and natural and help with any issues that may arise, like sleep troubles or diaper rashes, which are both common for newborns.

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