Unicorn Armpit Hair Is A Thing, And Well, It’s Kind Of Perfect

unicorn armpit hair
Image: Instagram / @theofficialrainbowgirl

Hey, are you looking for the next big trend? Interested in trying something new and fresh and hip? Are you tired of the same ol’ armpit hair that you’ve been rocking (or shaving) since puberty? Then you are in luck, friends. Because armpit hair is getting a makeover, in the form of some much-needed color. Unicorn armpit hair is a thing, apparently, and it looks exactly what it sounds like. People are growing out their armpit hair and dying it various colors to resemble a rainbow or a unicorn. Or maybe they were already growing out their pit hair and just decided it needed a facelift. Rocking your natural body hair is a growing movement, and with trends like unicorn armpit hair, it’s only going to get bigger.

Unicorn armpit hair is the next big thing in armpit hair. We did not know there were pit hair trends, but we learn new and exciting things everyday.


The trend was started by hair stylist Caitlin Ford. Caitlin was looking for a way to celebrate Pride Month, and teamed up with a client to perform the ultimate in armpit hair makeovers. The result is … OK, it’s actually kind of amazing? First of all, we couldn’t grow our armpit hair out that much if we tried. So hats off to those who can. But if we could? We might want it to pop a bit! After all, is there anything bigger than unicorns right now? They’re everywhere, and they’re perfect. Plus, doing it for Pride Month is really special. Caitlin wanted to walk the walk, and she walked it all the way to rainbow pit hair.

The timing of the unicorn armpit hair trend is actually kind of perfect. We are right in the middle of JanuHairy, so pit hair is enjoying a bit of a moment.


In case you missed it, JanuHairy is a movement that encourages women to break away from beauty norms and proudly grow out their body hair. No more shaving or waxing or threading. Just let the bush go, and see where it takes you. There’s no reason to shave your body hair, but plenty of women feel obligated to in order to conform with what we’ve always been told to do. Damn the man, free your hair! And while you’re at it, dye it pretty colors. Just because you can.


What do you think? Would you ever rock unicorn armpit hair?

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