Make Your Magical Bum-Wiping Dreams Come True With Unicorn Toilet Paper

Toilet paper isn’t necessarily one of those things that I thought needed pizzazz. It’s for wiping butts, vaginas, and noses (not all on the same piece, LOL). But now that I’ve seen unicorn toilet paper, I need it in my life. It can be like when you put out the “good soap” for guests! “Honey, the Smiths are coming over for dinner, rack a roll of the unicorn TP!” Nothing says classy and sophisticated like unicorns and rainbows swirling down your toilet into the sewer, am I right?

inspirational unicorn GIF by Ice Breakers

Image: Giphy

Unicorn toilet paper is a real thing. Apparently printed toilet paper is fairly common? I’m obviously way behind on my TP news.

The company bringing magic to your nethers is Get Digital. They’re a European tech site, and they have some amazing products! I spent a solid 20 minutes scoping out the goods. But honestly, the unicorn TP is top-notch.

unicorn toilet paper
Image: Get Digital

I mean, just look at it! The adorable little unicorn, the rainbow ribbon, the stars! And you can tell from the picture, this isn’t some one-ply bullshit toilet paper. This is the good stuff. One-ply toiler paper should honestly be outlawed, I don’t understand why it even exists. Who doesn’t love themselves enough to use three-ply?! Only the best for my ass, is what I always say.

The unicorn toilet paper can be purchased in a single roll, or a 3-pack. Because it’s a European company, all prices are in euros. But one roll will set you back about $5US. Worth it.

unicorn toilet paper
Image: Get Digital

It just brings so much magic to your bathroom! And bathrooms can stand to have a little more magic. The company will ship to the US, but obviously, it’ll cost a bit extra. So one roll is a bit pricey, at nearly $21US. But, if you order more, they waive the small quantity surcharge!

Listen, I know $21 is a lot to spend on toilet paper. I get it. But ask yourself this: can you really put a price on the happiness and comfort of your gentle bits? I didn’t think so. Order yourself a roll or three. Unleash the magic of the rainbow.

(Image: Get Digital)

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