Two Teenagers Save A Little Girl From Kidnapper And You Should Read This Because The Rest Of Today’s News Is Terrible

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Screen Shot 2013-07-13 at 9.27.12 AMWhen something horrific like the abduction of a little girl happens, there are a million different scenarios and what-ifs that must go through a parent’s mind. If only if I was with her. What if someone saw her? Will anyone be able to help us?

5-year-old Jocelyn Rojas is safe today after being the victim of an apparent kidnapping yesterday. She was playing on her front lawn in Lancaster, Pennsylvania when a man approached her and lured her into the car by offering her ice cream.

When her family realized she was missing they notified police. Police and volunteers worked quickly –  blocking off roads, scouring the area with canine units and distributing her picture all over the neighborhood. The quick response worked. Two teenage boys – 15-year-old Temar Boggs and a friend – spotted the young girl in a car and followed the car on their bikes for 15 minutes.

The teenagers noticed the driver repeatedly checking to see if he was still being followed. The kids obviously spooked the kidnapper – he eventually stopped the car and let her out.  The little girl ran to the teenagers and said she “needed her mom.”

Boggs told ABC News, “If he wasn’t going to stop, I was probably going to like, jump on the car.”

So many right things happened yesterday; everyone worked fast, the kids actually recognized the little girl in the car, and somehow they were able to give chase on their bikes and keep up. It’s amazing to hear a happy ending to one of these terrifying stories. It’s incredible how much more hope there is when people work fast and together in a situation like this. How many times have you looked at one of these photos of an abducted child with a pit in your stomach? What a relief to know she’s home with her family.

The unfortunate part of the story is that this predator is still on the loose. He was last seen in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. He is a white male between the ages of 50-70, wearing green shoes, green pants and a red and white striped shirt. He’s driving a maroon sedan.

(photo: WGAL News)