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Italian Blogger Chiara Nasti Turns Her Trolls’ Crummy Internet Comments Into Toilet Paper

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Italian blogger Chiara Nasti has 1.3 million followers on Instagram, but not all of those people are following her because they love her pouty selfies, designer clothes, or bikini photos. Quite a lot of people seem to be following her because they haven’t got anything better to do than to talk shit about Instagram celebrities. That’s unfortunately not an unusual thing for an Instagram celebrity, but Chiara Nasti is getting quite a lot of viral Internet attention this week for having come up with a perfect way to show the trolls what she thinks of their comments: She printed them all up on toilet paper.



Nasti’s new toilet paper is printed all over with nasty comments she’s received on Twitter. They talk about her being rich and stupid, being “a toilet that dresses like shit,” and accuse her of wearing high-fashion clothes while having “no elegance.” Well, telling her haters that she literally plans to wipe her ass with their opinions might not be a move out of Kate Middleton’s playbook, but Nasti sure came up with an effective way of telling the trolls where they can stick their “elegance.”

Being an Instagram celebrity is a new career, but it’s a real job and everything. Chiara seems to have built herself quite a lucrative and glamorous life with her blog and Instagram, and that probably takes the edge off a bit when some random Twitter egg calls her “a toilet.” Nobody is probably writing comments like that from beautiful Italian beaches, so Nasti’s basically already won, and this is just icing on the cake.

Nasti’s clapback resonated with a lot of people, too. If she ever gets tired of modeling bikinis on Italian beaches, she could make a pretty nice career for herself selling troll toilet paper to celebrities. You just know Chrissy Teigen and Kim Kardashian would buy a whole case.