41 Everyday Scams That Are Tough To Avoid

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Image: iStock / yevtony

We consider ourselves pretty savvy, right? That’s part of the beauty of growing up in the digital age! We can spot a scam a mile away. Despite what your grandma really wants to believe, we know that Nigerian princes don’t send emails promising millions, banks and credit card companies don’t ask for your account information via Facebook Messenger, and the IRS, no matter what people think, doesn’t make phone calls. We hear all the time about people falling for the silliest scams, and it’s actually pretty sad! But that’s not us. Sorry, single ladies – that guy on Tinder with the celebrity profile picture isn’t … a celebrity. But how savvy are we, really? Sure, we can spot an obvious scam. But how good are you at spotting everyday scams?

We’re not talking about schemes to steal your identity or money. (Well, maybe your money.) No, we’re talking about things we encounter every single day that we think are normal, but are actually a complete crock. These everyday scams can affect our quality of life, our financial security, and more. They’re designed to just seem like part of life. But when you really think about — we are getting the shaft in so many ways. It would be funny if it wasn’t so infuriating! How many of these everyday scams have you fallen for? If you’re like us, then probably quite a few.

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