Joseph and Kendra Duggar Are Expecting Their First Child Together

There’s another Duggar on the way! On their quest to single-handedly populate the earth, the Duggar clan is expanding by one more, when Kendra and Joseph Duggar welcome their first baby sometime next year. Joseph is the 7th child of Ma and Pa Duggar, and he and Kendra were married just a few months ago. Moving along, right on schedule!

Kendra and Joseph Duggar announced the pregnancy on Instagram. Since he’s a married fellow now, he’s allowed to have social media, isn’t that nice?

Joseph, 22, and Kendra, 19 (god that’s so young) tied the knot in September. The couple met at church when they were younger, and began courting in March of this year. Following the Duggar tradition, they were married rather quickly, and will be parents before their first anniversary. Shoooooooooo.

Kendra joins sister-in-law Joy-Anna in the bump club. Joy-Anna and her husband Austin announced their pregnancy at the end of the summer.

There are also pregnancy rumors swirling around Jinger Duggar and husband Jeremy, but that’s not unusual. As soon as a Duggar daughter is married, the bump watch begins! For a Duggar girl, she’s waited an unusual amount of time between tying the knot and getting knocked up. The fact that Jinger and Jeremy aren’t parents yet even have some fans speculating that they’re unable to have kids. Or maybe they just don’t want them right now, wouldn’t be the worst thing!

Out of the 5 Duggar girls who’re old enough to get married, only Jana remains single and childless (you go, Jana). Jill and Jessa are both married with two kids each, Jinger is married, and Joy-Anna is married and pregnant.

The other 4 Duggar girls are still kids, ranging in age from 8 – 12. So we have a while before they get married off. Still holding out hope that Jana says “fuck it” and stays single forever.

Congrats, Kendra and Joseph! Best of luck on the first of what is sure to be many, many babies.

(Image: Facebook/Fans of Kendra and Joseph Duggar)

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