20 Of The Best Marie Kondo Memes Around

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marie kondo

Image: Netflix

Unless you’ve been living under a rock (or perhaps trapped under a mountain of clutter?), then you’ve undoubtedly heard of Marie Kondo. The organization expert wrote a book a few years ago about her Konmari method. Kondo really wants to free you from clutter and mess, and spark joy in your life. Like, REALLY badly. She gets a kick out of this stuff, and we love her for it. Maybe you read her book, maybe you didn’t even know it existed. But there’s no ignoring her now that she’s got her own Netflix show. Tidying Up with Marie Kondo is the feel-good show of the year. Like Queer Eye but for your home! Watching her go into homes and help people solve the clutter issues in their lives is incredibly soothing. She’s basically Mary Poppins but for messy and stressed out grown-ups.

Now, people seem to fall into two camps. You either love Marie Kondo and want to Konmari the hell out of your life. OR, you find the whole process stupid and pointless and have genuine anger over the suggestion that you donate that skirt you loved in the 8th grade. But regardless of how you feel about her and the show and decluttering your life, you have to admit: the Marie Kondo meme game is strong. The pictures are hilarious. The tweets are side-splitting. Marie may have inspired us to throw away 90% of our belongings. But we are hoarding these memes like they will save our lives when the apocalypse hits. THEY SPARK SO MUCH JOY.

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