Take Your Dinner Party To Magical Heights With This Beauty And The Beast Dishware Line

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beauty and the beast

Image: Disney

Why would you have a boring dinner party, when you can have a Disney dinner party?! A few months ago, we introduced you to a line of Disney Princess wine glasses. You probably bought them, right? Of course you did. So you’ll be thrilled to learn that your collection is almost complete – Disney has released a line of Beauty and the Beast dishware. This collection of dishware pieces is absolutely perfect. We all know that Belle would throw THE BEST dinner party. So it makes sense that her film would be the inspiration for the new line!

The Beauty and the Beast dishware collection is a must-have for any Disney fan.

beauty and the beast dishware

Image: Shop Disney

There is a lot going on in this collection. But our favorite piece has to be the flatware set. Yes, you can own Beauty and the Beast flatware. Let’s be honest, EVERYONE should own Beauty and the Beast flatware! The 20-piece set includes four full place settings of five utensils and is made of stainless steel. The handles each feature a different character or theme from the movie. A Chip teaspoon! We cannot. The flatware set can be yours for $75.

Of course, if you’re fancy enough for new flatware, you’re fancy enough for champagne flutes.

Image: Shop Disney

We have a feeling that A LOT of Disney-themed weddings are going to incorporate these champagne flutes. They’re the perfect pair of flutes for a newly married couple of Disney fans! The glasses can even be personalized, which is brilliant. So you can add your wedding date and your names! The set of flutes retails for $75, and personalization is an extra $5.95.

If you’re going to get champagne flutes, then you obviously need wine glasses, too.

Image: Shop Disney

This stemmed white wine glass is $13.99 and holds 16 ounces of wine. The stencil is black sketch art, and you can see the black base undercoat in the glass. There’s also a red wine version for the same price.

So you’re covered for booze. However, you might want to serve food?

Image: Shop Disney

A Be Our Guest dessert plate! The ceramic plate is seven inches in diameter, so it’s the perfect size for desserts, apps, or salads. The plate sells for $14.99, and you will need a full set, right?

The Beauty and the Beast dishware line includes all the essentials, so you can be ready for a fancy Disney dinner party. Don’t forget to put our invite in the mail.