Beauty Trends In 2019 Are All About Highlighting Your Natural Beauty

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Yessssssss, makeup and beauty in 2019 is going to be amazing! We love us some makeup and beauty trends, and even though we typically stick to our tried-and-trues, new stuff is always fun. Whether it’s a new hair color or some cool new way to use makeup favs, we’re all about it! According to Pinterest, beauty and makeup trends in 2019 are going to be all about playing up our natural beauty and features. With some pops of color, obviously. If you’re looking to give yourself a major overhaul or just refresh your routine a bit, these trends are a great place to start.

Let’s start with hair! The beauty trends for 2019 definitely have a witchy, smoky vibe.

The hottest trend in hair in 2019 is going to be soft and gorgeous lilac locks. Searches for lilac hair are up a staggering 1077% on Pinterest, proving that everyone is after this pastel hue! Or, if you want to skip the color and embrace the natural, think gray. Yep – people are really digging letting their silver streaks shine through (searches for going gray are up 879%!).

Need some inspo for a new cut and style in 2019? Don’t shy away from bangs. In fact, 2019 is going to be the year where short is in. Baby bangs, or cropped bangs, are the next big thing in fringe. This soft fringe hits just above the brow, giving your eyes plenty of space to shine.

These makeup trends in 2019 are all about playing up your natural features.

Eyelash extensions have been everywhere for the last couple of years. But the price tag and maintenance mean it’s not exactly a great fit for everyone. In 2019, leave the extensions behind and opt for a natural lash lift. This safe alternative plays up your mama gave you with solutions containing castor oil, grapeseed oil, or aloe vera.

When it comes to makeup, 2019 the year of shine and color. Glossy makeup can really highlight your best features, from eyes to lips. And when it comes to lips, make sure that pout pops! People are opting for minimal makeup with a bold lip (searches for standout lip color are up 467%).

Keep your skin looking its best in 2019 with some of the newest beauty trends on the horizon. Put down the harsh, abrasive exfoliator you’ve been using, and reach for a gentler liquid version to keep your pretty face polished and bright. And maybe your mom and grandma were right about this old school skincare tip: witch hazel is gaining popularity as a toner and skincare solution.

Let’s see those nails, ladies!

We all want a gorgeous manicure that lasts, right? And we’ve been using gel polish to make it happen. But 2019 is all about the powder dip! This process lasts longer than gel, is way more durable, and is so much easier to remove. And when it comes to nail shape, there’s a new trend coming! Say goodbye to those pointed nails – 2019 is all about the almond nail, named for the rounded shape of the popular nut.

So which of these makeup and beauty trends are you going to make part of your routine?

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