Online Bra Retailer ThirdLove Set To Expand Product Line To Include 78 Sizes

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Image: Instagram / @thirdlove

Isn’t it funny how there are levels of enjoyable shopping? At the top of the list would be stuff like shoes, makeup, and your random Target haul. It’s fun to splurge on stuff you need but don’t need need, you know? But at the bottom of the list are the worst kinds of shopping. Bathing suits. Groceries (seriously, why do kids eat so damn much?!). And of course, the worst of the worse: bras. Bra shopping is a special kind of hell. Because GOD FORBID companies make comfortable, pretty bras in universal sizes that don’t cost more than a week’s worth of groceries. Most of us end up cheaping out and buying the bra that’s on sale at Target, and we immediately regret it. But there’s a new way to bra shop, and it’s called ThirdLove. Have you guys heard of them?

ThirdLove is an online bra retailer that sells amazing bras and undies. Seriously, they are fantastic. They’re pretty and comfortable, which meet two of our three requirements for a bra. They are committed to making sure you are wearing the best bra in the right size. So committed, in fact, that they offer a 60-day fit guarantee. You can wear the bra, wash the bra, and if it doesn’t fit or loses shape or whatever, they’ll take it back. Now, they’re upping the bra game even more, by offering bras in a whopping 78 different sizes. This is good news for the boobied crowd.

ThirdLove wants your boobs to look good and feel good. So they’re going to make it happen.

The bra experts released five new styles, and you can get them in 78 different size configurations. We’re not talking just different band or cup sizes. OH NO. ThirdLove went above and beyond that in a really major way. You take their fit quiz on the website, which asks very specific questions about your boobs, their shape and size, and what you’re looking for in a bra. They use a variety of fabrics, strap widths, and other details to make the perfect bra for you.

The company says, “Creating over 78 sizes of bras required a massive design effort; one that [we are] incredibly proud of. Bras, which are already technically complex garments, can’t simply be scaled up and down to create new sizes. Instead, the entire garment, for each and every size, has to be rethought and redesigned: the hardware, the stitching, the bonding — everything.”

The result of that dedication to good bras means options. Lots and lots of options.

ThirdLove will offer bras in 78 sizes, ranging from a 30-48 band and AA to I cup. Their bras also come in several different styles, from t-shirt to lace to lounge bras (lounge bras are sized XS-XL, or 0-18). So really, you have nothing to lose! Take the bra fit test, and find out if you’ve been wearing the wrong bra in the wrong size (spoiler alert: you’ve been wearing the wrong bra in the wrong size). The worst that can happen is you buy a new bra to add to the collection. But you can also find yourself the perfect bra, and put an end to the horrors of bra shopping once and for all.