This bath organizer has more than 7K 5-star reviews from parents (yes, really)

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While we can’t make your child get out of the tub when you ask (if you have a real solution, let us know), there’s one product that can make clean-up time a lot easier.

Enter: Tub Cubby, the most genius bath time product we wish we thought of years ago. Don’t believe us? Check one of the 7,000 5-star reviews on Amazon. Here are just a few of the top ones:

  • Best bath toy organizer ever! -Sara
  • All the toys fit!! (and shower beers too!) – Chelsea
  • Get this one! -GirlMom1517
  • LOVE the organizer and EXCELLENT customer service! – Cambria

It’s a simple, yet effective, mesh organizer created by parents to finally keep all those letters, numbers, rubber ducks, and bath crayons in one place. Its material is designed like a toy hammock so toys can safely dry without getting moldy. Plus, Tub Cubby comes with suction and sticker hooks that are nearly impossible to pull off the bathtub wall (trust us, kids have tried).

While it really is a simple toy caddy, they went the extra mile to make sure it’s built to last. The dry mesh net is mold-resistant and double stitched so heavier items, like bubble bath or shampoos, can easily fit in without pulling the entire net down. But, a lifetime warranty means you’ll get a replacement if something does happen. After all, kids can be unpredictable.

Tub Cubby for your kids

There are a bunch of options to pick from depending on your family size, the amount of stuff in the shower, or your tub size. While we’re willing to open our wallets to lessen parenting pain points, you won’t do much damage with Tub Cubby.

A double twin caddy with 36 ABCs and 123s ($16.98), original with a bonus rubber ducky ($9.98), the really big tub cubby (perfect if you have multiple kiddos or the whole family shares one bathroom) with ($20.98) or without the ABCs ($13.98).

And we’ll let you in on a little secret. It’s a really great organizer to use anywhere from the car to the laundry room so it’s only a matter of time before it helps you simplify your life just a little bit more — something every parent could use.