This video shows a genius hack to decluttering your family bathroom (once and for all)

All too often, sharing a bathroom is inevitable. Maybe the adults in the house share with the little ones, or you might have kids of all different ages trying to keep up with their bathtime toys and products. 

So when we saw this video by FourieFamCam, we knew we had to try this decluttering hack.

They’re a family of four who initially had a bathroom that looked… well, like a mess. Can you relate? Us, too. It was packed full of products for Mom and Dad, kids shampoos and body washes, and tons of rubber toys. When they used three Tub Cubbys, it removed all of the clutter once and for all.

So what is Tub Cubby?

Tub Cubby was designed by a parent who wanted a solution to the bathroom mess, while keeping items easily accessible for little ones, while also having a safe storage place to keep toys dry after bath time is over. It’s the only CPSIA certified bath toy organize on Amazon, which gives us extra peace of mind when it comes to safety. 

What makes it so useful?

The mesh paneling 

Each mesh panel is double stitched and guaranteed for life — the FourieFamCam video says that they haven’t had any issues with it falling down, even after packing it with full-sized products. Plus, the mesh allows items to air dry completely so you don’t have to worry about mold or mildew. 

The hooks

Let’s face it: Kids are bound to rip anything off the wall. Fortunately, the founders thought of this. For flat surfaces (think: tile on a shower wall), the 2x snap lock suction cup hooks easily secure to the wall. If you have a porous or textured wall (think: tile with grooves), they have 2M square sticker hooks. Both adhesives really last, even through water running over it. 

The extras

If you want to add a little more, three of five of the Tub Cubby organizers come with soft foam ABC letters and numbers that seamlessly stick to the wet tub walls. Designated bath toys so your kids can keep the other ones outside of the tub.

Be right back, adding to cart.  

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