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These Are the Top 22 Baby Girls Names for 2022

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If you are expecting a baby girl this year or just delivered one, you are probably thinking hard and shortlisting the most popular baby names for girls. 

Naming a child is a huge decision, and most of us wish to choose the trendiest names of the year for our little bundle of joy. As a fact, this choice has a significant psychological impact as well. When children grow up, and they have a charming name, they are often perceived to be cooler and more admirable than their peers. This often impacts their confidence levels! recently launched a report of the most predicted girl names of 2022, based on the 2020 Social Security Administration data. To help you make a quick decision, we have compiled 22 of the most popular names for baby girls in 2022. 

1. Olivia

Olivia is a beautiful and timeless name that is perfect for someone who is looking for a classic appellation. It has a specific minimalist tone, and your daughter will thank you for naming her, Olivia. 

2. Emma

Yet another classic name, Emma, has a Southern Gothic feel to it, while also vaguely reminding you of the elegance of British high society. Don’t forget, there is an actual novel named Emma!

3. Charlotte

Vintage but fun, this playful name is popular among Hollywood screenwriters. They often use this name for intelligent but playful characters at the same time. 

4. Amelia

Amelia sounds a little foreign yet close to home. The ambivalent nature of this name is suitable for girls who come from diverse backgrounds. It can be a good option for parents who have loved watching the famous French film Amelie. 

5. Sophia

Classic and elegant, Sophia has been used by several queens and princesses. Sophia Lauren, the famous Italian actress who made it big in Hollywood, will be your daughter’s namesake!

6. Ava

Ava, another name that harkens back to classic Hollywood, reminds us of Ava Gardner. A short but serious-sounding term, it is perfect for girls who may grow up to have a strong personality. 

7. Isabella

If you grew up watching Vampire Diaries, this name might resonate with you more. Bella could be a fantastic shortened form of Isabella, much like Ella. 

8. Mia

Mia, a popular name among celebrities, is slightly similar to the much heavier Maya, which used to be popular a few years ago. This name reminds us of Mia Farrow, the famous Hollywood A-lister we have all come to love and admire. 

9. Evelyn

Evelyn is another exotic-sounding name that is straight from Continental Europe. We picture Evelyn wearing a floral skirt and riding a cycle in the French countryside with flowers in the front basket. 

10. Luna

If there is one thing, we are sure of, it is the popularity of Latin-sounding names this year. Luna, which means moon in Italian and a few other languages, will be a much-cherished name in 2022. Hopefully, your tiny Luna will brighten up your life!

11. Camila

A somewhat old-fashioned name, Camila has a very British air to it, primarily because of Camilla’s association with the English royal family. If you are looking for a traditional name that works even 40 years later, choose this one!

12. Harper

If you were looking for a name that screamed “nerdy but beautiful”, Harper is the name to go with. Most associated with Harper’s Bazaar, a women’s fashion magazine, you will kindle your daughter’s thirst for style and chicness very early in life. 

13. Elizabeth

An enduring name, Elizabeth certainly appeals to those with old-fashioned and traditional values. However, it is also an exquisite and royal name perfect for a girl who will grow up to have a formidable personality. 

14. Sofia

Unlike Sophia, Sofia has a European appeal to it. Most importantly, your daughter will be named after the beautiful and ancient Bulgarian city of Sofia. It also has religious connotations, which may appeal to you if you are pious. 

15. Mila

A modern and stylish name, Mila alludes to celebrity culture and the life of socialites. Mila Kunis, the famous actress who played Jackie in That ’70s Show, will be your daughter’s namesake. It has an Eastern European vibe to it as well. 

16. Ella

Ella is a popular shortened name for Isabella, which alludes to European royalty. It also has a certain Latin ring to it, making it very contemporary and attractive. Choose Ella if you think your daughter will grow into a beautiful woman.

17. Avery

A very urban and chic name, Avery is for every girl who will grow up to be well-mannered and cosmopolitan. If you think your daughter will be happy walking around the streets of a European city on a sunny afternoon, this is the name to choose. 

18. Eleanor

A somewhat old-fashioned and Victorian name, Eleanor has been used multiple times in novels, films, and plays. It has a very artsy and bohemian feel to it while sounding quite formal at the same time. It is this dichotomy that makes this name charming. 

19. Abigail

A truly girly name, Abigail is often the best name for a quiet, composed, and intelligent girl. We can picture Abigail reading literary fiction in the garden while soaking in the sun on a swing. 

20. Ellie

Ellie has a certain spunk to the name and is perfect for girls with strong personalities. If you have a strong character, you will perhaps find that this name appeals to you greatly. 

21. Layla

One of the more Middle Eastern-sounding names, Layla, has a certain magical and exotic appeal to it. So, if you would like your girl to receive a lotto positive attention at school, this might just be the name to choose! 

22. Chloe

Last but not least, Chloe is the archetypal glamorous European model who has just arrived in an American city. Choose this name if you would like your daughter to have a certain air of enigma around her. 

Take your time to decide on your baby girl’s name.

Now that you know which are likely to be the most popular baby girl names for 2022, it’s probably to mull over various beautiful names in this list. Choose the one that resonates with your personality, as we often project our thoughts and wishes on our children. If you need any help with making a decision, you can always ask your friends and loved ones for their opinions too!