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22 Most Popular Baby Boy Names of 2022

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By Minnie Zhou

With every year rolling in, it’s natural for a lot of babies to enter the world. If you are expecting to deliver a boy this year and are wondering what to name him, we have a rather spiffy list that we’ve curated just for you! 

As per data from SSA and BabyCenter, we have compiled the top names to choose for male infants in 2022. Interestingly, this year’s top baby boy names reveal a trend toward biblical and old-fashioned names. In short, traditional is in, as vintage names reflect a sense of stability and rootedness. 

Here are the top 22 baby boy names for 2022:

1. Liam

Liam certainly takes the cake of all the names that are bound to be popular this year. While this name may remind you of Liam Gallagher, the frontman of Oasis (a British alternative rock band), the younger ones will probably associate it more with Liam Hemsworth, the Australian actor. It sure is a rockstar’s name, nevertheless!

2. Noah

A biblical and Hebrew-origin name, Noah is timeless and classic. It takes us back to the primeval times when Biblical Noah guided humankind onto the ship to survival. So, your little Noah will have a lot of history to carry on his tiny shoulders!

3. Oliver

Oliver is a dandy yet studiously traditional name. Though Oliver Twist first comes to mind, interestingly, Oliver has always been a popular name among the nobility. This name will keep your son always sounding elegant and classy. 

4. Elijah

Elijah Woods needs no introduction and is one of the most famous actors! That being said, Elijah also rings of Old Testament fables and biblical charm. This name will certainly do your son a lot of good in terms of appearing traditional and based. 

5. Lucas

Slightly offbeat yet grounded, Lucas suits a boy that is introverted but artistic. If you feel like projecting your artistic tendencies onto your son, Lucas is the name you might want to choose. 

6. Levi

Levi is the perennial Old Testament name but also has a rebellious and youthful feel to it. So, your little Levi may either grow up to be a pious rabbi or a defiant jeans-clad youngster that strums guitar by the river. 

7. Mason

If you are tired of Jason’s popularity, why not choose something similar but edgier? Mason seems to be very popular name among younger parents who are hipsters and urbane. Your little Mason will have a stylish name to boot. 

8. Asher

In the Book of Genesis, Asher was the son of Jacob and Zilpah. However, Asher is a popular name today because it is catchy, beautiful, and us of a strong and athletic man. A little Asher will surely grow up to be a confident gent.

9. James

Think James is a very generic and common name? Think again! It is a conservative but classy name that fits well for someone who would grow up to be a member of one of the elite country clubs. 

10. Ethan

Ethan is the quintessential American. Just like Ethan Hawke, your little Ethan should grow up to be an adorable and well-mannered man whose popularity will know no bounds. So, we aren’t surprised that this will be one of the most famous names in 2022! 

11. Mateo

Little Mateo will surely be a charmer with an Italian-sounding name like that. Mateo, which means Matthew in some languages, sounds exotic and foreign enough to grab positive attention when your boy grows up. 

12. Leo

Leo reminds us of both Leonardo da Vinci and Leonardo di Caprio. Classic, artistic, and accomplished. That’s how we imagine someone called Leo to grow up as!

13. Jack

While Jack is a generic name just like James, there is magic in this appellation. It takes us back to the archetypal Jack of the fairy tales and brings us back to the present-day Jack, who is probably more of a modern-day charmer. 

14. Benjamin

Slightly serious and profound, Benjamin may sound very old-fashioned. However, this name has surprisingly made a comeback in 2022. We expect lots of tiny tots to get christened as Benjamin this year!

15. Aiden

Aiden is a glamorous name reserved for the likes of Aidan Quinn. But your little boy can certainly emulate those glamorous Hollywood stars if you name him Aiden. 

16. Logan

If you have ever watched Gilmore Girls, you would probably know Rory’s heartthrob Logan was one of the most enduring male protagonists. Logan has always been a popular name for boys, and 2022 is no different!

17. Grayson

We don’t know why Grayson is so popular, but it is one of the quirkiest names parents are preferring in 2022. Do you think your son can carry a name like Grayson quite well?

18. Jackson

Like Jack, but with more personality, Jackson carries the weight of historical cities and celebrities. A boy named Jackson will probably grow up to be someone important and admired. 

19. Henry

Several princes and kings have been called by Henry, making it a name with a regal and aristocratic touch. Of course, it is archaic, but as we said, the names that were once pass√© are quite in mode again.  

20. Wyatt

Wyatt is a quirky and fashionable name that is perfectly suitable for writers or thinkers. We imagine Wyatt to grow up to be a profound philosopher or a poet. 

21. Sebastian 

One of the more traditional names from the list, Sebastian is one great appellation that we expect to endure decades in terms of popularity. It also has a specific religious ring to it, which makes it immensely charming. 

22. Carter

Last but not least, Carter has an upmarket and socially mobile tone to it. So, if you choose to name your infant boy Carter, don’t be surprised if he becomes a little too popular in high school. 

Are you confused about the top 22 baby boy names in 2022?

Most parents find it hard to name their child, as the options are one too many. Our list above should help you find a popular name for your baby son that will remain relevant and attractive for decades to come.

If you find it difficult to decide, it’s always good idea to ask your friends and family as well!