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22 Most Popular Gender-Neutral Baby Names of 2022

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ByJonathan Borba

With gender norms slowly blurring away, and individuals choosing their identity more freely, it makes sense to name your child in a gender-neutral manner. Gender-neutral baby names help a child grow up without being tied to masculine or feminine identity. This is important in today’s world, as many people grow up without adhering to erstwhile rigid gender norms. 

If you are a parent who would like to take a step ahead and ensure that traditional gender binaries do not restrain your little one, here are the top gender-neutral baby names of 2022. Most of these names are compiled from the BabyCenter database – one of the leading authorities in baby-naming trends. 

1. Willow

An exotic shrub that has been part of North American and European legends, Willow is an excellent name for a gender-neutral baby. It lends itself to social situations discreetly and has a software and warm tone to it. 

2. Rowan

Rowan could be a boy, a girl, or anything they choose to be when they grow up. It has a certain charm associated with the profound characters of novels set in the American Deep South. 

3. Sage

Parsley, sage, rosemary, and thyme have long been a spiritual combination of herbs, so much so that a popular folk song alludes to them. Sage makes a spiritual and profoundly nature-connected name for a child. 

4. Avery

Avery is a very American yet gender-neutral name. It reminds us of old and vintage salons in the Wild West and simultaneously of respectable households where tradition matters. Choose Avery for a vintage-sounding name. 

5. Quinn

Quinn is a quintessentially British name that fits seamlessly in the American context. Very cosmopolitan and gender-neutral, Quinn will grow up to be a liberal and progressive-minded person. 

6. Riley

Riley is yet another American name that is perfect for boys and girls. As a result, your child will not have to be burdened by terms that are rooted in traditional gender norms. 

7. River

River is a beautiful and placid name that reminds us of River Phoenix and a beautiful actor whose heart was even kinder. Name your child River, and they will indeed flow along the pathways of life successfully. 

8. Harper

Harper sounds intelligent and traditional at the same time. If you wish that your child grows up as an intelligent individual who does not conform to rigid societal rules, Harper should be a great name to choose. 

9. Logan

Although Logan was Rory’s boyfriend in Gilmore Girls, it could have been a girl’s name as well. Such is the dichotomous nature of Logan that we believe is an excellent choice for both boys and girls. 

10. Ezra

Have you ever heard of Ezra Pound, the famous male American poet and critic? It is also a woman’s name and perfect for setting the stage for an intellectual prodigy of a child. 

11. Luca

Luca reminds us of Suzanne Vega’s chart-topping Luka, which was about a troubled boy. However, Luca is now a fashionable unisex name that is ideal for both boys and girls. 

12. Harlow

Like Harper, Harlow is a serious-sounding name that signifies a child prodigy. We do believe a baby called Harlow will grow up to be an important individual in life.

13. Orion

Of all the names listed here, Orion is the most exotic, for it is a constellation as well, after all! So, if you think you have given birth to a star, why not call your little bundle Orion?

14. Rory

Like Logan, Rory is straight out of Gilmore Girls too. After all, she was the main protagonist in the series and her mother, Lorelei. Rory is apt not only for girls but also for male children!  

15. Hunter

If you thought only men went hunting, you haven’t heard of the famous female hunting tribes! This is why Hunter is a name that suits both girls and boys in equal spirit. For an edgy gender-neutral name, you can choose Hunter. 

16. Charlie

Charlie is often perceived to be a boy’s name, but it can just as well be a girl’s name. It alludes to a playful and tomboyish spirit that goes well for both genders.

17. Jude

Jude, the patron saint of lost causes and hopeless cases, can be a source of moral compass for your child, regardless of their gender. This makes Jude perfect for both girls and boys. 

18. Kai

Kai is a playful name that reminds us of the sandy and sunny beaches of the Hawaii Islands. So, if you think your child brings a ray of light to your life, name him or her Kai. 

19. Aspen

Aspen might be a luxurious mountain resort, but it is also a stylish gender-neutral name. It reminds us of warm bonfires in luxurious cottages. Choose this name for a child that will grow up to be an upscale personality!

20. Nova

Much like Orion, Nova alludes to astronomy and the secrets of the Universe. This name is perfect for children who are mysterious and simultaneously gender-fluid. 

21. Lux

Lux might be short, but don’t be deceived by its simplicity. It is not only short for luxury but also for luxuriant. This name will hopefully bless your child with abundance and bountiful bliss. 

22. Addison

Addison is a serious-sounding name that is perfect for boys and girls who will be nerds. However, it could also be a child that grows up to be a fashion nerd. 

Choose a name that makes your heart flutter.

With so many gender-neutral names listed, you might feel spoiled for choice. If you are in doubt and are confused by the number of options, spend some time imagining what your child will be and which name might resonate with them. Choose the one that kindles a sparkle in your heart, and we bet your child is going to love it too!