Here’s exactly how to turn any bathroom into a parent’s spa oasis

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Woman relaxing in tub
By Brandy Kennedy

Let’s get real: The spa days so many parents might desire (and always deserve!) are pretty few and far to come by. Despite our best attempts at prioritizing self-care, the simple fact is that we need self-care to serve us, too―and by that, we mean come to us at a time and place that works with our jam-packed parenting schedules.

Say, for example…our own bathroom?

But if your local commode isn’t inspiring the zen spa thoughts of your dreams right now, never fear. We’ve rounded up a few beautiful, soothing, and reasonably-priced spa-worthy products that can help you turn your bathroom into a spa in seconds. 

Tub Cubby

We love this hanging bath organizer for corralling our child’s bath toys (nothing spoils a relaxing bath like accidentally sitting on a rubber ducky), but they can also be incredibly useful for keeping all our favorite spa essentials within arm’s reach. Prior to your self-care time, stock your hanging caddy with your favorite oils, creams, pumice stones, and more and you’ll have everything you need for a full spa experience without needing to get up. (Because, really, don’t you get up enough?)

Two Sisters Bath Bombs

The moms behind the Two Sisters brand have made it their mission to give you a #betterbathritual, and their decadent bath bombs certainly deliver. Handmade in small batches with natural ingredients you can actually pronounce, their Bubble Bombs instantly fill your tub with soothing bubbles and flood your bathroom with therapeutic scents like lavender, oatmeal milk and honey, and white tea and ginger (not random things your kids leave behind). Plus, they’re vegan, gluten-free, nut-free, phthalate-free, cruelty-free, non-GMO, and eco-friendly to be gentle on sensitive skin and the surface of your bathtub.

Kandoona bath pillow

If your bathroom isn’t blessed with the deep, soaking tub you associate with a luxurious bath, that doesn’t mean we can’t still create a relaxing experience. Enter the Kandoona ergonomic bath pillow. This luxury neck and back support is truly the best bath pillow we’ve ever tried thanks to its soft, air-mesh material, and it installs in seconds thanks to air-tight suction cups that adhere to the side of your bathtub. Simply stick on and chill out on the extra-wide headrest with elongated sides to support your back. And when spa time is over? The pillow comes with a handy mesh bag for easy machine washing.

ZenTyme shower steamers

One of our favorite ways to blow off steam? With a little therapeutic steam! These ZenTyme shower steamers make it beyond easy to elevate your shower experience for next level relaxation. Simply place an aromatherapy-packed disc onto the floor of a steamy shower and let the water release essential oils like lemongrass, vanilla, chamomile, and eucalyptus. By the end of your shower, the disc will have melted away―and so will your stress.

Cadence Candle Co. Better Days Candle

The overhead lighting of your bathroom is seriously harshing the spa vibe. Hit the lights and set the right mood with this soothing soy wax candle instead. It’s also free of parabens, phthalates, and toxins, so you can let the cardamom, rare oud wood, and woody patchouli scents whisk you away to the spa of your dreams (at least in your mind). And because we’re all about a multi-sensory experience, we also love how each candle from Cadence Candle Co. comes with a recommended playlist to fully set the mood.

Bluetooth Shower Speaker

Speaking of tunes, this bluetooth speaker is our favorite for playing our favorite spa-worthy tunes while we unwind. Fully waterproof (you can even submerse it up to three feet), this suction-cupped speaker pairs with your smartphone, tablet, or computer to broadcast your favorite tunes wherever you like to relax. It can even act as a speaker for important calls―though you can consider this your official permission to send those calls to voicemail. 

Orgaid organic sheet masks

If a weekly professional facial isn’t in the cards, we have to admit that an at-home sheet mask is a pretty close second. Especially with its crafted from safe, organic ingredients like these masks from Orgaid. Formulated with clean ingredients packed into an Ecoderma sheet, the masks have been proven effective by years of doctor-backed research in biomaterial science. Keep a multi-pack on hand to address whatever skin care needs crop up.

Skin Gym Facial Roller and Gua Sha Set

You’ve spent the time and money to apply your favorite skin care products―now make sure they’re really sinking in (while treating your face to a luxurious massage experience) with this workout set from Skin Gym. Made from beautiful jade (which has been purported to increase relaxation and tranquility), regular use results in a radiant, puff-free, and relaxed complexion that just might get people asking where you got your facial done.

N Natori Nirvana Robe

If it doesn’t end with a luxurious robe, can you really call it a spa experience? Made from super-soft brushed terry that’s light enough to wear year-round, the robe features a tie waist perfect for wrapping up after a relaxing shower or bath. (And, honestly, if you want to wear it long after that, who are we to judge?) And yes, it’s machine-washable and has pockets!