Kate Middleton ‘Proud Of Her Mummy Tummy’ Is Sneaky Post-Pregnant Body Shaming Snark

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wenn20529158__1374665605_74.134.205.46I knew this would happen. Didn’t I say this JUST yesterday?

If I see any post-baby body weight shaming posts about Kate, I’ll punch someone in the throat.

And ladies and gentlemen, we are seeing EXACTLY this, but under the guise of this disgustingly sneaky body-shaming snark all wrapped up in a bow of how BRAVE Kate is for daring to appear in public after she just had a baby two days ago. When I watched Kate and Will present their new baby to the world, I never even considered what her belly looks like. It didn’t even cross my mind. I was aware of how glowing she looked. I adored how Will fussed with the car seat. One of our readers pointed out that Kate’s dress was similar to the one Princess Diana wore when she introduced Prince William to the world. I noticed how gorgeous Kate’s hair looked. But according to the Daily Mail, other moms all over were more impressed with Kate’s body:

But for the mothers watching around the world as the Duchess of Cambridge walked out on to the steps of the Lindo Wing yesterday, the real delight was her ‘mummy tummy’.

That neat bump was the only thing which gave away the fact Kate had given birth to an 8lb 6oz boy just a day earlier.

And the glowing duchess clearly felt no need to hide it, a decision praised immediately by mothers’ groups.

Netmums founder Siobhan Freegard said the duchess had dispelled the ‘myth that all mothers should be perfect postpartum’.

‘In a couple of minutes on the steps of the Lindo Wing Kate has done more for new mums’ self-esteem than any other role model,’ she said.

‘Sadly, too many celebrities often have ultra-fast tummy tucks or strap themselves down to emerge in tiny size six jeans, leaving everyone else feeling inadequate.

‘Kate shows what a real mum looks like – and natural is beautiful.’

EYES UP HERE BITCHES, UP HERE TO THE BABY. What the fffffffff. seriously, what the ffffffffffffff.
Why are people even NOTICING what her stomach looks like when she just had a baby two days ago? I don’t care if her stomach was perfectly flat or if she magically gained 800 pounds overnight and her stomach was stretching all the way to Kensington Palace. It is NOT Kate’s job to make new moms feel okay with their own bellies. It is NOT Kate’s job to make other woman feel OK with their bodies after they give birth. It is NO ONE’S JOB and it should not even be a consideration. This conversation, whether pro or con regarding the state of a woman’s body after she has given birth should not even enter into the collective consciousness of the masses. We do not need to have this conversation. Ever.

This is what matters about a woman’s body after she gives birth:

Is she sleeping enough?

Is she drinking enough water?

Is her postpartum body healing correctly?

Is she eating enough food?

End of fucking discussion forever and ever amen.

Applauding a new mom for the way her body looks after birth is just as bullshitty as shaming a new mom for how her body looks after birth. It’s not important. It just isn’t. If a new mom wants to lose weight or gain weight or get a million piercings all over her lady garden or get breast implants so she has four extra boobs or get some magical surgery where she has a third eye it is NO ONE’S BUSINESS. It doesn’t matter if it is your neighbor or the Duchess of Windsor.

The post baby belly bump bullshit needs to stop.

All that matters is that the new mom is healthy, and her child is healthy. Kate’s belly is fine regardless and none of our business. My belly is fine and none of our business. Kim Kardashian‘s belly is fine and none of our business, Your belly is fine and none of our business.

It’s disgusting enough that women who are not pregnant and who didn’t just have a baby get scrutinized for how they look and how their bodies look on a second-by-second basis. Having these conversations about a woman who just went through labor less than two days ago ( I HAVE MILK IN MY REFRIGERATOR OLDER THAN THE FUTURE KING OF ENGLAND) is something we all need to refuse to participate in. I’m utterly sick of this entire conversation.

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