J.K. Rowling’s Hogwarts Playground For Kids Makes Mine Look Positively Ghetto

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Thank god my kids aren’t friends with J.K. Rowling‘s kids, 9-year-old David and 7-year-old Mackenzie. Inevitably, they’d have a playdate at her house and notice the 40-foot adventure playground-slash-treehouse-type-village Rowling plans to build in her backyard. It’ll be based on her bestselling Harry Potter books, meaning it’ll have a whole Hogwarts theme. And, at an estimated $230,000, it doesn’t sound too shabby.

You see, my boys would eventually tune into the fact that our own wooden play structure – the one that’s dangerously slanted to the right – is missing a swing and one of those horizontal bar with loops on either side. In fact, it’s missing everything except for the slide, which is permanently covered in bird poop and always – no matter what the weather – has a giant puddle at the base. Okay, I’ll just admit it – it’s as ghetto as they come. But hey, they’ve got a perfectly good park up the street!

Back to Rowling. Her playground, which she plans to erect in the back garden of her Edinburgh mansion, sounds awesome. What kid wouldn’t love it? As my colleague Koa pointed out, she’d live it now (probably because it’s five time the size of most Brooklyn apartments). According to The Scotsman, each of the two castle-like tree houses will be equipped with secret tunnels, trap-doors and spiral staircases, along with a rope bridge to connect the two structures.

Sounds like any kid’s fantasy. She should totally rent it out for birthday parties…