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Ten Gender-Neutral Art And Design Gifts For Last Minute Holiday Shoppers

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51ifAgcrz2L._SL500_AA300_Attention last-minute shoppers! Here are ten gender-neutral design and art gifts for kids, including some books you may not have in your library. If you are still looking for something to shove under the tree but don’t want to go the typical Monster High/Lego route, there’s still time to grab a few last-minute items to wow your kids comes Christmas morning. I have either purchased all of the items as gifts for my own children or for families, and I can promise you that they are all totally great and worth it. I tend to buy things that aren’t sprinkled with kid’s television icons or cartoon characters that won’t get lost at the bottom of the toy box, and I look for toys and games that have a lot of replay value. Junk is so expensive these days, and if my kids don’t get a lot of play out of it, I won’t buy it. I also like to purchase toys that my kids can play together, or that we can all do together as a family. For those of you with young kids, you know that it can be sort of a drag when you have to play the same “Let’s Make Barbie Mary Ken” game over and over. Or the super fun game called “Let’s Play Legos Until Someone Steps On One While Not Wearing Shoes In The House.”  Some of these items are available via, which has one-day shipping available until three p.m. today, and some of these items are available at your local big box retailer. Grab your credit cards and go go go! [ITPGallery]