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When Teens Mocked a Target Employee, a Mom Called Them on Their Shit

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We’ve all been there: we’re just out and about, minding our own business, when we encounter some kids being real assholes. What do you do? When one mom witnessed some teens making fun of a man who’d recently had surgery, she not only told them to knock it off, she also told their mom. Hashtag Badass!

Blogger Mary Katherine Backstrom was enjoying herself in everyone’s happy place, Target. She’d finished her shopping and was in the checkout when she saw the kids in line ahead of her giggling and taking pictures of the cashier on Snapchat. Backstrom described the cashier as having “staples in his head, a drooping eye, and cranial deformities.” In a Facebook video she filmed after leaving the store, Backstrom said she was absolutely horrified, but hesitated about stepping in because she “has a hard time accepting that I’m an adult.” LOL I know that feel.

Still, she felt like something needed to be done. Even though her heart was racing, she abandoned her cart and followed the kids out of the store. “I said, ‘Excuse me, you need to stop. You were being very cruel to that man.’ The kids looked at me like, ‘holy crap, we’re in trouble.'” Uh, yeah you are!

Backstrom didn’t leave it at that. “Do you think that was a kind thing that you did?” She said she asked the kids. When the kids acknowledged that it wasn’t, she asked the kids how they were getting home. They told her their mom was picking them up, and she replied,

“Well, I’m gonna wait right here with you for your mom.”


Ohhhhhhhhhh shiiiiiiit!

At this point, Backstrom realized that she had NO idea how the mom of the teens was going to react to what she was about to be told. “She might defend her kids, or be pissed at me for walking outside with them! I didn’t know how it was gonna go.” The mom pulled up in a minivan and Backstrom told her what happened. Luckily, the mom was grateful that someone told her about the children’s behavior and thanked Backstrom for letting her know.

The commenters on Backstrom’s video cheered her on, and also shared stories of times when they, too, stepped in when they saw something wrong. I personally would want to know if my kids were misbehaving, and I’d hope that most parents would, too.

You can see Backstrom’s video about the incident here:

(Image: Facebook / Mom Babble)