Heroic Cop Delivered Milk To Families With Small Kids During The Boston Bombing Lockdown

Officer John Bradley Delivered Milk During Boston Bombing LockdownJust when we had all finally stopped crying for two minutes comes this amazing image of one of Boston’s finest completing a practical and simple errand which so many of us with kids could totally appreciate. This officer deserves a medal of honor. I can’t imagine what families went through last week. You have little kids and two suspected terrorists are on the loose after one of the most horrific incidents in history. You are told you cannot leave your house. You have probably started to run out of essentials, your kids are scared because even though you may not have had the news on they knew something was going on, school was cancelled, they couldn’t play outside, mom and dad were probably horribly stressed out, and you can’t even tun to the market to pick up milk. This is where¬†Brookline officer John Bradley comes in, clad in all black and a bulletproof vest, delivering milk to Watertown residents on lockdown.

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To know when everything was at its worst that¬†Officer John Bradley delivered milk during Boston bombing lockdown just shows how good people can people, how selfless and kind and truly heroic. Stories like these, and all of the others of the doctors and emergency personal who gave so selflessly give us all hope and pride in the goodness of people, and make us all remember that even when atrocities happen, as Fred Rogers has said, we can always “look for the helpers.”

I can’t imagine how hard it must have been keeping kids entertained and reassured during this awful time, when you have no idea what will happen next and you are terrified of what it going on outside your own window, and what it must have been like to see Officer Bradley on your doorstep carrying milk. Things like this give me so much hope. I want to hug Officer Bradley.

(Image: twitter)

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