3 Best Rose Water Facial Spray Products For An Instant Pick-Up

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Best Rose Water Spray

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If you haven’t added a rosewater spray to your skin care routine yet, it’s time to get introduced to this amazing product. Roses have long been used in beauty products and face sprays have been making waves for a while. The best rose water sprays help keep your skin feeling its best by increasing the moisture of the skin, reducing signs of aging, and to help reduce inflammation and redness. It can be used as a before bed toner, applied to the skin before makeup, or sporadically misted through out the day when you’re feeling tired.

If you haven’t picked up a rose water spray to try yet. Or you’re on the hunt for the perfect rose water spray, we’ve listed the best available out there.

1. Thayers Alcohol-Free Rose Petal Witch Hazel Facial Mist Toner

Best Rose Water Spray

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The Thayers Rose Petal Facial Mist has several ingredients that help our skin feel its best. Between the Witch Hazel, roses, and Aloe Vera, the spray tightens pores, controls acne and oil production, reduces redness and inflammation, and helps us feel refreshed in a pinch. The smell is lovely, and it helps tone the skin without leaving it feeling dry. One person who reviewed this product said, “I have only been using this toner for 2 days now, but I can already feel its effects on my skin. It makes my skin fresh instantly, and brightens it up. The scent is very light not overpowering, and goes away in a minute or so.”

Want it? Get it from Amazon, $10.95.

2. Simplified Skin Rose Water for Face & Hair

Best Rose Water Spray

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The best thing about the Simplified Skin Rose Water toner is that it’s completely organic, has no alcohol, and the purest of ingredients. It can be sprayed on the face when you’re feeling tired or to help moisturize the skin before applying makeup. The mist is super refreshing and smells amazing, both which will give you that pick up you need. One person who reviewed the product said, “I love this product, could not tell you what is in it but it is amazing. I use it every morning to feel refreshed and wake the heck up. Then I come back and use it again in the afternoon. Here is my secret put it in the refrigerator and it is really awesome and twice as refreshing.”

Want it? Get it from Amazon, $9.95.

3. Mario Badescu Facial Spray with Aloe, Herbs and Rosewater

Best Rose Water Spray

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Mario Badescu is a name that’s been around and known for skin care for many years and its facial spray is one of the most popular ones. The rosewater blended with aloe and herbs leaves dehydrated skin feeling rejuvenated and the gorgeous smell alone will help wake up your senses. One person who reviewed the product said, “The spray is super hydrating and smells very good. I have been using this as a setting spray for my makeup and it makes my makeup look very natural and helps it stay for a long time.”

Want it? Get it from Amazon, $7.00.

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