16 Of The Weirdest Fashion Trends We’ve Seen This Year

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Well, 2018 is wrapping to a close, and what a year it’s been! What a terrible, no good, very bad year. This year seemed to be 12934 years long. Do you remember that we had an actual Olympics this year?! Because we didn’t. It’s impossible to remember even the best highlights, because there were so very many low lights. A lot of suffering, and a lot of pain. So much embarrassment on the world stage. Terrible policies that hurt untold numbers of people. After 2016 and 2017, we all had such high hopes! Alas, the universe wasn’t quite done with us yet. However, if there’s one bright spot in this shitty year, it might be the insanely ugly “fashion” that made the rounds. These weird fashion trends made us laugh, they made us recoil in horror, and they made us grateful for our Target jeans and sandals.

Now, we know that fashion is fairly subjective. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure, right? But even if you’re into weird fashion, some of the trends that we saw in 2018 were … eyebrow-raising. Clear plastic boots? Ugly sneakers? UGG sandals? We’re going to take a hard pass on all of that. Some of the weird fashion trends seem to be strictly for the crowd with lots of money to burn, but still. Money can’t buy you happiness, but at the very least it should be able to buy you some taste and fashion sense. If you had unlimited funds, would you rock any of these weird fashion trends from 2018?

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