Someone Made Functional Cheese Grater Nails

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cheese grater nails

Image: Instagram/nail_sunny

Welp, it’s not often that we’re left speechless by some trend we happen to see making its way across the internets. And we’ve seen A LOT of weird trends. From clothes to makeup to nail art, people are really into pushing the envelope as far as they possibly can. Now, we’re very much plain polish on short nails people around here. With small kids, anything longer can become a real danger, LOL. But that doesn’t mean we don’t love the longer nails and all the cool stuff you can do with them! Nail artists are incredibly creative, and it seems like there’s nothing they can’t do. One of the best nail artists out there is Nail Sunny in Russia. They post some truly outrageous nails, but the cheese grater nails they did recently just might take the cake. Or cheese, as it were.

Have you ever thought to yourself, “Man, I really wish I could grate this block of cheese, but I don’t have a cheese grater!” OK, so that’s a highly unlikely scenario. BUT, in the event you grate a lot of cheese and don’t like carrying around your box grater, then you might want to try these nails on for size.

Cheese grater nails are not a euphemism for anything. They’re actually fingernails that are functional cheese graters.

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Yes or no ??

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We … have so many questions. SO VERY MANY QUESTIONS. How does one even come up with the idea to put cheese graters on your fingernails? We would have loved to be a fly on the wall in that brainstorming sesh, that’s for sure. Also, how does one … pick and scratch stuff with these bad boys on? Obviously, they’re not for everyday use (they’re for the ‘gram, as the youths say these days). But even for the hour or whatever they’re on your fingers, you run a real risk of scratching the crap out of your eye! Those nails GRATE CHEESE, so your skin doesn’t stand a chance.

But this isn’t the first time Nail Sunny has pushed the nail envelope, so to speak. Although cheese grater nails are pretty out there.

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Which one do you like more? #happyhalloween

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They’ve been wowing people with their out-of-this-world nail creations from a long time. Just check out those Halloween nails, complete with dripping blood! We have to say, their creativity and craftsmanship is unparalleled. They do regular nails too (and do them very well!), but it’s clear that people flock to their salon for two hands worth of incredible statement nails.

So be honest: would you try cheese grater nails? We have to admit, we’re a little curious, but definitely more afraid. We happen to really love our eyeballs.