18 Royal Tiaras That Make Me Want To Be A Princess

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This next tiara got a bit of a makeover.

Sometimes you feel like pearls, sometimes you feel like emeralds! We totally get that. Luckily, when you’re the damn Queen of England, you get to match your jewels to your mood. The Grand Duchess Vladimir tiara has a pretty rich (ha!) history. Made by Bolin for the Grand Duchess Vladimir, and it sat on her head frequently until the revolution. The family fled Russia, leaving it behind, but it was smuggled out of the country by a British agent and returned to the exiled Duchess. The tiara was bought by Queen Mary in 1921 from the Duchess’s daughter, Grand Duchess Elena. The Queen exchanged the pearls for emeralds, and it was passed onto Queen Elizabeth in 1953. It can be worn with the original pearls, the emeralds, or without any accompanying jewels.

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