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10 Reasons You Are Suffering From Mom Guilt This Week

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Mom guilt. It is so insidious and can creep up on you when you least expect it. Whether it’s an innocent question from your little one that stirs up feelings of yuck (“Momma, why you so grumpy at me?”) or thoughts of inadequacy spurred on by the extreme mothering of the Pinterest- perfect crowd (ugh, quit it with the crafting already) I can guarantee there were moments in the last week where you had twinges of mom guilt.

I feel that it’s always better to commiserate with a crowd so I’ve drummed up a list of reasons you are suffering from mom guilt this week. I think that by getting it out there and acknowledging it’s ridiculousness then maybe we can all release ourselves of this burden. If these are all wrong and you have your own, please add them in the comments. If you never feel mom guilt please share your secrets so we can all shamelessly copy you.

1. You Didn’t Paint Your Daughter’s Nails Despite Repeated Requests

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Am I the only one who feels terrible looking at their little girl’s chipped, nasty nails and then does nothing about it? She begged me like, three times this week and I never did them. Why do I care so much??

2. You Did Not Make A Vegetable For Three Days Straight

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Pizza for dinner (unless tomato sauce counts), breakfast for dinner and cheeseburgers and fries for dinner means that unless potatoes count, your kid has not touched a veggie in several days. Whoops.

3. You Ignore Them To Play On Your Phone


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My children will say “MOMMY WHY DO YOU LOVE YOUR PHONE SO MUCH?” and it makes me feel like the most horrible mother of all time. Thanks for ruining Pinterest, kids.

4. You “Forgot” To Read To Them At Bedtime

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Sometimes at bedtime, enough is enough and you just want Wine Time to begin. Then, you realize Wine Time is basically there to blur your shitty, guilty conscience for not enriching your child with story time before they go off to dreamland. More Cabernet, please.

5. You Bought Them Cheap Shoes


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You were doing the Stride Rite’s for a little while but their feet grow so damn fast that you decided to buy Payless for once to save money. You see them trip on the sidewalk and automatically decide it’s all your fault because they weren’t worth $50 to you. Oh, the shame.

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