Here Is the Perfect Name for Your Baby, According to Their Zodiac Sign

Nature, pop culture, family history: there are endless places to look for baby name inspiration. But if you live your life based on what your horoscope says, then you may want to consult the stars before naming your baby! Zodiac sign baby names are based on the baby’s astrological sign, meaning they’re basically tailor-made for your new little one.

Zodiac sign baby names use the personality traits of the sign to narrow down the perfect name for your baby. First up: Fearless Aries.

Natural-born leaders Aries need a strong, take-no-prisoners name. Something people will remember, because they won’t forget dealing with your little Aries.

Boys: John, Max, or a name of a leader from history like Alexander.

Girls: Gender neutral names like Taylor or Alex, or a strong name with good childhood nickname potential like Katherine or Alexandra.


Bullish Taurus needs a name that conveys their loyalty and discipline. Classic older names are perfect for this noble sign.

Boys: George or Henry.

Girls: Mabel or Margaret.

Zodiac sign baby names for Gemini

Social, dramatic Gemini needs a name that screams, “HERE I AM!” Something unique that people will remember.

Boys: Maddox or Bowie.

Girls: Trixie or Bowie (Bowie is just a really great name!).

Cancer: all the feels!

This intuitive, emotional sign needs a name that conveys their creativity romanticism.

Boys: William, Blake, or Romeo.

Girls: Juliet, Virginia, or Jane.

Zodiac sign baby names for Leo: one that shows people who’s in charge.

This brave sign should have a name that signifies their authority and leadership.

Boys: Barack or Kingston.

Girls: Beatrix or Angela.

Virgo: intelligence reigns supreme.

Virgos are the even-keeled heads in any room, and people look to them for grounding and guidance. A classical name that shows off their smarts is key, but Virgos also appreciate beauty, so it should flow off the tongue.

Boys: Benjamin or Charles.

Girls: Louisa or Charlotte.

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Zodiac sign baby names for Libra: happy!

The Libra is all about balance and making sure everyone is happy. Popular names work well for babies born in the Libra sign.

Boys: Aiden or Liam.

Girls: Emma or Ava.

Scorpio: all about that fire.

Scorpios have huge personalities and a fire that can’t be distinguished. This sign needs a name that conveys how fiery and passionate they are.

Boys: Blaze or Wolfe.

Girls: Soleil or Adara (Hebrew name meaning fire).

Sagittarius: an inquisitive mind with an insatiable wanderlust.

The archer of the Sagittarius sign is said to follow their arrow wherever it goes, exploring and learning along the way. Names that pay tribute to science and exploration are perfect for this future wanderer,

Boys: Albert or Neil.

Girls: Florence or Amelia.

Zodiac baby names for Capricorn: you got that ambition, baby!

Capricorns are intelligent and driven, and accomplish anything they set their minds to. You want a strong name that says, “Nothing can stand in my way.”

Boys: Andreas or Andrew, or Thor.

Girls: Kennedy or Athena.

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Aquarius: something creative.

Aquarius is one of the most creative signs in astrology, and babies born under this sign need a creative, unique name.

Boys: Matisse or Pablo.

Girls: Frida or Anais.

Zodiac baby names for Pisces: this water sign needs an earth name.

Nature-loving Pisces is a friend to all, and their sensitive selves are tuned in to everyone’s needs. An earthy name suits them well.

Boys: Lachlan or Wade.

Girls: Brooke or River.

Does your baby have a zodiac-inspired name? Let us know in the comments!

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