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25 Banned And Outlawed Baby Names That Are Off-Limits

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After a couple finds out that they are about to bring a baby into their family, what’s the first thing that they do? Get started dreaming up baby names, of course. In fact, many people even have favorite baby names in mind before they are even anywhere near having a baby or bringing a baby home. But, there are such a thing as bad baby names. And some aren’t just a matter of personal preference.

Naming a baby is one of the ultimate privileges and precious responsibilities you will ever get in life. Nothing asserts your freedom and independence more than the ability to name your child whatever you want, right? Um, well, wrong. Apparently there are actual laws about what you can and cannot name your baby. And some countries are even more strict than others. If you’re getting ready to name your baby or just stockpiling baby names away for the future, be sure to cross these banned and outlawed baby names off your list. Or suffer the consequences of knowing that you alone were responsible for naming your child “Anus.”

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