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10 Impossible Preschool Pinterest Crafts

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I don’t know about any of you, but when my kids were in preschool, they basically sucked at crafts more complicated than gluing stuff to a paper plate. At that age, they did not have the manual dexterity, the patience or the interest to sit for longer than 5-10 minutes so besides Fun With Glue and chopping paper to shreds with their blunt little scissors, mine did not do much Mini Martha Stewart-ing.

You would never know that this age group is not the most craft-friendly by browsing Pinterest. If you do a search for “preschool crafts” things come up that I could have barely handled in 4th grade, let alone at four years old. I am just going to have to go ahead and guess that these perfectly Pinteresty results are more the work of an overly eager mommy than a budding, baby artiste- it’s very funny to imagine the little ones running laps around their Pottery Barn Kids craft table while mom painstakingly glues googly eyes to the foam core octopus she is “helping” them make. It makes me giggle and hopefully, it will make you giggle too. Behold- my 10 favorite impossible preschool Pinterest crafts:

1. This Craft Will Never Happen Because, Fruit Loops And Goldfish

cerealSorry, but I refuse to believe any kid has ever completed this craft because, Fruit Loops and Gold Fish crackers. Snacks that no preschooler is able to resist. Also, no 3-5 year old child is going to want to sort and line these up by color. Because again, Fruit Loops and Goldfish crackers. Nom nom nom.

2. Rainbow Of Frustration And Disappointment


At first glance, this one seems easy enough but let’s think for a moment about glue. It needs time to dry. Preschoolers are not the most patient bunch and I am twitching thinking about how many times I would have to say “Hang on- can’t do the other side until this side is dry! One more minute!” Sweet baby Jesus.

3. Mr. Potato Head Picasso

potatoI’m sure the point of this craft is to learn about the senses and where each face part goes but I can tell you right now- as silly preschoolers, my kids would have thought it hilarious to put Mr. Potato Head’s mouth where his left eye should be and his ears somewhere around his forehead. Prettty!

4. These Gorgeous Monster Toilet Rolls Your Kid Could Never Reproduce


Why even set the bar this high, Pinterest? These look like something out of a Tim Burton film. Any parent of a preschooler knows that these toilet paper roll monsters will just be a drippy, unrecognizable mess. Shoot for the moon, I guess.

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