Remember Ta-Ta Towels? They Have a Maternity Version Now!

Ta-Ta Towels took the internet by storm a few months ago, and now they’re back with more amazing bras. In case you don’t remember, they’re the terrycloth sling bras that sort of hold your boobs up and keep them dry. Awesome for throwing on just out of the shower while you’re getting ready, or to lounge in without the constraints of a traditional bra. It’s sort of a genius idea, and the company behind it just upped the game again. The maternity Ta-Ta Towel is coming soon, for all your pregnancy, postpartum, and nursing needs.

The maternity Ta-Ta Towel improves on the original version. Finding a comfy nursing or postpartum bra is a struggle! The creative minds behind the terrycloth sling bra hope this one will make it so much easier.

The maternity Ta-Ta Towel takes everything we want in a good pregnancy/postpartum/nursing bra, and puts it all in one comfortable and cute boob sling! Is there anything worse than buying 6 different bras to wear from early pregnancy through the postpartum and nursing stages? Your boobs get bigger, then they get INSANELY big, then they hurt, then they shoot milk out. The only thing that changes more than your belly during pregnancy and postpartum is your boobs. Ta-Ta Towels have you covered.

The design team thought of everything when developing this bra.

maternity ta-ta towel
Image: Ta-Ta Towels

The basic design is the same as the original line of towel bras. But the maternity version features overlapping fabric panels on each cup to provide easy access for nursing or pumping. There are no underwires, hooks, or straps. And the fabric is lightweight and breathable. One of the best parts about this bra is that you won’t feel like your nursing boobs are in a vice when they go from a C to a DDD over the course of the day. The “snug-yet-stretchable” fabric grows with you as your breasts fluctuate in size. Also, no hand-washing required! Just toss this baby in the washing machine with all your other breast milk-soaked garments. Comfortable, cute, AND easy? It’s every pregnant and nursing mom’s dream.

The maternity Ta-Ta Towel retails for $55, and comes in 4 prints and patterns. The sizing is easy, too. Small/medium and medium/large can comfortably fit cup sizes C to H. You can find them on the Ta-Ta Towels website or Amazon. Your boobs will thank you.

(Image: Ta-Ta Towels)

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