TaTa Towel Has Arrived Just in Time for Boob Sweat Season

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Ladies, can we talk about boob sweat for a minute? We’ve all had it. That swampy, drippy feeling when the heat and humidity of summer collects under your boobs like some kind of hidden water source. August is here, which means the worst heat is still to come. Normally, that would have me reaching for the paper towels, folded ever so precisely and placed under my boobs. I’ve nursed two babies, so yes, my boobs have an under. But this summer, I’m saving the paper towels for when my kids pour their own milk. Allow me to introduce you to the Tata Towel.

I don’t think I’m overstating anything when I say this is the GREATEST THING EVER INVENTED.

The TaTa Towel is sort of like a terrycloth boob sling, designed to absorb the sweat that would otherwise be dripping down your stomach. Picture it: You’ve just gotten out of the shower. It’s mid-August, the air outside feels like you just walked into a burp. Your AC is broken or you don’t have AC (condolences), and you’ve gotta get ready. Normally, I’d throw on a tee and mop up the boob sweat every few minutes, like a cavewoman.

But no more, dear boob-havers. We are getting sophisticated up in this bish with a TaTa Towel.

Now, you can reach past that nasty tee and pick up your TaTa Towel. The terry cloth sling has elastic around each cup, and fits around the back of your neck. Hook the cups around your boobs, pull it over, and adjust the tightness using the pull cord behind your head. And then…bask. Bask in the dryness. Relish the feeling of clean, dry under-boob. And then happily go about your business.

The struggle against boos sweat IS real, and it’s about damn time someone addressed it.

Women, naturally, have embraced the TaTa Towel. Based on some of the responses on Twitter, Erin Robertson, inventor of the Tata Towel, will be working her dry boobs right off to fill orders.

The TaTa Towel retails for $45, and comes in four color combos. All four colors are currently available for preorder right now, so go getchu one or all four. Seriously though, considering boobs are making a comeback, these are a MUST. And for the nursing mamas out there, this is godsend. No more bulky nursing bras: just slap a nursing pad inside the Tata Towel and sling ’em up! Rejoice, dry boobs forever!

(Image: Facebook/Ta-Ta Towel)