This Mom Stole a $1,800 Stroller at Disney World and Got Caught Selling It on Facebook

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Stealing a stroller at Disney World seems like it would be easier than taking candy from a baby, but it sure takes some real chutzpah to actually pull it off, especially if it involves sticking your own toddler in someone else’s swanky stroller and wheeling her right out of the park in it. But that’s what happened recently at Disney World, when one mother found that her $1,800 stroller had gone missing, and another woman was spotted on camera wheeling a little girl right out of the park in it.

A mother named Lauren Collazo left her $1,800 Bugaboo stroller in a stroller park at Disney World while she and her family were on a ride at Hollywood Studios, and someone stole it. Not only did they get the stroller, but there were bags in it including Collazo’s wallet and her niece’s Epipen. The missing wallet meant Collazo was stranded at Disney World with multiple kids and no wallet, and Epipens can be extraordinarily expensive.

“I was there with no money, stranded,” Collazo told ABC News. “My husband had to fly over from Miami that same day, catch the first flight available to rescue me and my family.”

It really sucked that it happened at Disney, too. Disney is an expensive vacation, and if you’re going to go there, you want to take advantage of the fun you’re spending all that money for. It sucks that some random jerk could ruin everyone’s whole day like that.

Security footage showed a blonde woman pop a little girl dressed as Anna from Frozen right into the stroller, then wheel it out of the park like it was her own. Part of me is amazed that she was able to pull that off with a toddler in tow, because my toddler lives to narc on me. Mine would have been laughing, “Mommy made a mistake! Mommy took the wrong stroller!” to every single person she saw for the rest of the month.

Collazo posted a photo of the woman with the stroller on Facebook, and people actually found her!

The suspect was identified as a Michelle Craig, and not only did they find her, but another woman in Texas came forward and said Craig had just sold her Collazo’s stroller for $500 from a used Bugaboo exchange Facebook group. The stroller appears to be a Bugaboo Donkey, which is a convertible twin stroller that starts at around $1,400.

“She’s like ‘Oh my God, it still has the clips on it, it still has the tie wraps where your name was on it, do you recognize it?’ I’m like absolutely,” Collazo said.

Craig reportedly turned herself into police and faces charges of Grand Theft. Police are reportedly investigating her for potentially stealing other high-end baby items at Disney World, because it looks like this is far from the first time this sort of thing has happened. (And it does seem like a person who could so quickly pop their own toddler into a stranger’s stroller and coolly roll it out of the park like that may have done this before.) One of the major arguments in favor of buying a high-end stroller is that they tend to have a decent resale value, and that means that thieves who make off with a $1,800 stroller can usually get a fair chunk of cash for it on the secondhand market.

Fancy strollers might be an attractive target for thieves in tourist-heavy areas, so if you think you might have to leave a stroller unattended for a while, a bike lock could come in handy. Also, remembering to take one’s valuables out of the stroller is key, because there are a lot of stroller-stealing asshats out there, even at Disney World.

(Image: Facebook / Disney Club)