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Apparently, ‘Boobs Are Back,’ So if You’ve Got ‘Em, Get Ready to Flaunt ‘Em

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Every year, something makes a “comeback”. Bangs, lobs, bell bottoms, chokers: everything that was once popular seems to come back around every few years. This year, the next big thing is apparently…boobs. Yes, you read that right. Boobs are back in a major way this season. Which begs the question for anyone who actually HAS boobs: where, uh, exactly did they go in the off-season?

Stars like Rihanna and Emily Ratajowski have been hitting the red carpets as of late in plunging necklines and peek-a-boo cutouts, with their ample chests beautifully and artfully displayed. One word: HOT. OK, one more word: HOW. For large-chested ladies, gravity can be a particularly cruel beast. But these gorgeous gals have been hashtag blessed in the chest department. And they’re leading the charge to bring boobs back!

Boobs are back?

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Seriously though, mine would never look like that.

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Bang bang ?

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Bangs and boobs! Checking off the trend list like a BOSS.

Itty-bitty boobies have been all the rage for a while. Which is fine, I guess? Every boob needs it’s day. Summer has been full of cute little tops and sexy lace bralettes that only the small-chested can pull off. What were the buxom gals to do, honestly? Even Emily, who is honestly too pretty to look at, struggles with her boob size. She told Harper’s Bizarre Australia last month that she actually LOSES work because of her chest. First-world problem, for sure. But when you’ve got them, you can’t really hide them. And now they don’t have to!

Lingerie brand Ann Summers has reported a 27% uptick in push-up and cleavage-enhancing bras, so it looks like everyone is after the big boob look. And with new bra technology and things like chicken cutlets and inserts, it’s a trend that everyone can be a part of. Even if you don’t have big boobs, you can certainly make it look like you do! Another plus: if you’re a nursing mom, think of how much easier this will make feeding time! No more trying to wriggle a boob out for the baby, it’ll be RIGHT THERE, ready to go!

Boobs are back, ladies. So pull yours out of storage, blow off the dust, and don’t walk past the low-cut tops at Target anymore. With a good bra and a quick prayer that you don’t end up flashing the playground, you’ll be good to go.

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