This Is the Perfect Twitter Thread for Anyone Whose Kid’s Love to Talk About Body Parts

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Kids have an innate ability to embarrass the crap out of us in public. Their little brains tell them to do or say something, and the part of their brain that flashes a warning about TIME AND PLACE KIDDOS isn’t quite developed yet. This is never more apparent then when kids start learning about body parts. It’s the same when kids learn anything new! They want to show off and use that knowledge. Which is great … until your kid says something about your vagina in line at the market. Kids talking about body parts will never not be hilarious, and judging by this Twitter thread, every parent has had one of “those” moments.

Kids talking about body parts is awesome! Sex-positive parenting for the win. But talking about them loudly in a public bathroom? Well. Not as awesome.

It happens, buddy! And I suppose it’s something to share … with strangers at a grocery store. Nicole Cliffe started this amazing Twitter thread, and it wasn’t long before parents started chiming in with their own stories of kids talking about body parts.


We probably shouldn’t laugh at them, no.

Donut, peanut, I’m sure those are pet names for it somewhere!

Mommy milk does make them a lot bigger, so fair point!

Honestly, they’ve got it made in the pee department! They don’t even have to pull their pants down, and they can go anywhere.


Give your kids the correct terms for body parts, and they will use them 100% of the time.

Toddlers are the best and weirdest little creatures.

All of these made me laugh till I cried. Here are my two that I can recall: in a VERY busy public bathroom with my daughters in the stall with me, my youngest yelled out, “Mama, your really big vagina isn’t bleeding anymore!” And once when I was shopping for sports bras with my oldest in tow, she held one up and said, “I don’t know mom, this one doesn’t look long enough for your boobs.”

Thanks, kids!

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