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10 Hot Pubic Hair Styles For Moms

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Forget the mom hair, it’s all about what’s going on in your pants. You guys can trust me, I promise. In a past life, just a few short years ago, I went to beauty school and was licensed as an aesthetician, a.k.a. a master of pubic hair waxing. This means that I have seen hundreds of crotch parts, and I have waxed many-a-pubic region into beautiful shapes.

I know many ladies like to keep it natural and let it roam free, and there’s nothing wrong with that. I personally prefer to eradicate all hair completely because it makes me feel more hygienic and comfortable. That’s just me.

Here are several of the top reasons why a hot mama may choose to groom her nether regions:


Wherever you fall on the spectrum, sprucing up your pubic hair, even a little, is just as fun as getting a new hairdo. The only difference is that you can’t put on your best yoga pants and parade it about town with all of your mom friends at an afternoon coffee date. I guess technically you could, but you’d probably be in a world of legal trouble.

Styling your pubic hair benefits you first of all. I personally like the way that it looks and feels, and it automatically makes me feel more confident. Trust me when I say that your partner will also benefit from your grooming changes. This is the one opportunity for you to dress down and show off your new ‘do without getting arrested.

Pubic hairstyles are so hot right now. Check out these top 10 pubic hairstyles for moms:

1. All Natural Mama Bear

2. Full Bush Brazilian: Party In The Front, Naked In The Back

3. The Classic Bikini, For The Mom Who’s Been Doing What Works Since 1999

4. The “It’s Down Here, Stupid!” For The Directionally Challenged

5. The Landing Strip, Because More Directions Are Always Better

6. The Charlie Chaplin Sounds Better Than The Hitler


7. What Happens When A Salon Serves Complimentary Drinks

8. The Brazilian, Because A Hair-Free Anus Is Mom’s Best Friend (Disregard The Creepy Bear With Pubic Hair)


9. The Hairless Kitty, For The Busy Mom Who Never Showers

10. Holiday-Themed Vajazzle For The Mom Who’s Still Got It

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