Amber Rose Smashes Body Hair Taboos by Posting Her Bush on Social Media

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Amber Rose is many things. She’s walked the runway for New York Fashion Week and been a judge on RuPaul’s Drag Race. She’d Danced with the Stars and a rapped with Wiz Khalifa. She’s an entrepreneur, who has opened her own clothing line. She’s smart, savvy, sexy, and a big proponent of the anti-slut shaming movement. She’s even at the helm of the SlutWalk movement—partly inspired by her own experiences of being shamed as a teenager. Now, she’s taking her feminism a step further by smashing body hair taboos, simply by posting an image of her pubic hair on Instagram.

In a recent post to her Instagram account, Amber Rose posted an image of herself, bottomless, proudly showing off her bush. The image was accompanies by a single hashtag: #amberroseslutwalk.

We’re assuming that this very simple, very real, very revealing post was yet another jab at slut-shaming culture. It’s a culture that shames women for having sex, or being sexual in any way, while also shaming women for being “prudes.” It’s the type of culture you just can’t win in (if you’re a woman), so it makes sense that she would post such a controversial image to 1. raise awareness about the walk while b. reminding the patriarchy (and those who live within) that body hair is totally fine. That pubes are totally fine. That it’s OK to shave or wax but also OK not to.

Of course, the image was quickly taken down. But was Amber about to let that get her down? Hell, no.

And if you didn’t see the original post yet, it’s cool. Amber quickly took to Twitter to post it again (especially for the haters in the back).

And plenty of people loved it:

The funny thing is that some fools are falling all over themselves about it, and slut-shaming her for the image. Case in point: Piers Morgan.

The Daily Mail editor got into a heated battle with Amber over the photo and feminism (because yes, white cis-het dude, you definitely know way more about feminism than anyone else…not). But you know what? We’re not gonna give him the time of day. Instead, enjoy the #amberrosechallenge memes that are coming out of the original image as a result (because memes > decrepit misogynists any day):

Oh internet…

PS. Don’t worry Amber (not like you would). But we’re all thinkin’ the same thing here:

(Image: Twitter / @darealamberrose)