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Hey You Jerkface Moms, Stop Sexting While Driving! I Hate Driving, I Hate Cell Phones And I Hate The Combination Together

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shutterstock_54292804Moms text while driving with babies on board. And update Facebook. And Twitter. And sext people. All while they have babies or kids strapped in the back in carseats. Moms, stop it! First of all, I hate driving. I hate it. If I had my way, I would have a driver, who would drive me everywhere, so I would never have to set foot behind a steering wheel again. You know those people who love driving because it gives them a “sense of freedom” and they can go anywhere at anytime and they have no issues driving in four lane traffic and night driving and driving while it is storming out? I am not that person. I hate driving. I will do it, but I so do not like it. I white knuckle it most of the time. I have no idea why I’m so phobic about driving but I just am. Anyway, I can’t imagine answering a phone or a text while driving because I’m so nervous I can barely change the song on my car stereo. If anyone calls me or texts me while I’m driving, I wait to return calls or answer texts when I reach my destination. Yeah I know, I need to take a defensive driving course. Or hire a driver who will work for cupcakes.

My darling husband on the other hand.. well, let’s just say he doesn’t follow the no texting no phone answering rules and it drives me insane. He is an excellent driver but I’m sure many excellent drivers have gotten into accidents while messing with their iPhones. And lots of parents are doing just that, according to USA Today:

New mothers talk on the phone, text or check e-mail at an alarming rate while driving with their babies in the car, a newly released survey finds.

Although they’re otherwise protective of their young children, the survey finds, 78% of mothers with children under age 2 acknowledge talking on the phone while driving with their babies; 26% say they text or check their e-mail.

Great, now not only do I get to be nervous about being side-swiped by a semi-truck, I also have to be nervous about all of you new moms updating your Facebook page to say you are on the way to the pediatrician. We all know that texting and driving isn’t safe, so we should probably stop doing it. Especially because so many states have laws against it now. Especially when we have kids in the car with us. The world can wait for the Twitter updates about what you ordered at Starbucks.

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