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If Your Husband Is An Excellent Dad He Probably Has Zero Interest In Having Sex With You – Dumb Science Says

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shutterstock_166616954Science you are such a cruel mistress. You tell us amazing things like how universes are formed but you have yet to give us cupcakes that won’t make us fat or cures for cancer and you also tell us dumb things like this: new fathers who are better at being dads have sex less often. Or at least according to this article in The Daily Mail. A scientist at the University of Notre Dame in Indiana named Lee Gettler tracked the lives and hormone levels of 433 dudes from the Philippine Islands.

He discovered that the men with the most testosterone were the most likely to become dads. He also discovered that after having a baby their testosterone levels dropped, along with how much sex they were having. I’m sure that even though science can show us that the sex hormone levels dropped, it also cannot show us if the men were distracted by other things, new dad pressure, work pressures, the fact that season two of House Of Cards just came out.

I think evolution has shaped male physiology to help men invest in their children and provide good care for them.’

Dr Gettler added that the drop in libido could well be nature’s way of stopping the new father from straying.

So, if you just had a baby you probably aren’t the only one not interested in boning, but according to this study, the hormone levels go back to normal in a year or two so  by then you should have probably (hopefully) been able to find decent childcare so you and your partner can go back to getting busy like bunnies with no worries again.

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