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Mommyish Death Match: Would You Donate Your Pubes To A Stranger On Craigslist?

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In case you were wondering, everything exists. I am constantly reminded of this when I see strangers requesting random things on the Internet. Today’s thing is a merkin made of human pubic hair. Apparently these exist now. Someone on Craigslist says so and they want one. Do you use Craigslist? Not to be nosy, but do you have pubes? Well, then maybe you can help!



“I have a way to attach this to fabric and will make this myself.” My best guess is she/he is talking about a glue stick, but I can’t be sure about that. This person is also willing to show you pics of the finished product. We’ve debated what this would look like in the Mommyish offices and Eve came up with this:



While I thought it would be more like this:



Then for some reason we started talking about dessert, and focused on this:



and this:


Anyway, back to this amazing Craigslist ad which taught me two things; the merkin originated as a pubic wig for prostitutes (who knew?) and high end fashion stores are now making their mannequins with pubic hair (again, who knew?)

So, the question is – would you donate something like this? You’re probably going to throw your “clippings” out anyway, right? I’m going to go with… NO. Sorry whoever you are.

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