Funding This Vagina Statue Kickstarter Is The Most Important Thing You’ll Do Today

canna lily flowerIf you can dream it, you can do it, and the dream one woman in Texas has is to construct an enormous vagina statue. Why? Because women’s rights, that’s why!

This is not a drill, nor does it appear to be a hoax; and it’s certainly neither the weirdest nor most offensive Kickstarter project out there, either. Chloe, our earnest young hero from Austin, is seeking Kickstarter funds to turn her project from a mere vision of a vulva into a palpable pudenda. As she outlines in her plea for donations, her home state of Texas has been stripping reproductive rights away from women at a jaunty clip, and Chloe is here to make a statement of “no more!” And the medium of her protest just happens to be a six-foot-tall statue of a sex organ.

Here’s the thing, I am not so much in this for the money, I want to make something, sell it, and use the money to start something that I think is very cool. It started with a vagina, I want to make a massive vagina statue. Essentially you are funding an art project that will ultimately end in a giant vagina and hopefully make some women’s lives better.

Considering some people in Texas think giant images of dismembered fetuses are acceptable public-venue viewing, I think that Chloe’s completed statue deserves a place front and center on the lawn of the Texas State Capitol building. Or, better still, in the middle of Governor Rick Perry‘s driveway.

In case giving the Texas legislature an exuberant middle finger in the shape of a giant vagina is not enough, Chloe is offering swag to donors: prints of her completed project, jewelry marked with a “v” (for “vagina” as well as “victory”, I assume), and, for anyone with $5,000 burning a hole in their pocket, the finished statue itself. What else are you going to put on your end table – a dorky lamp? Come on.

Chloe also vows that any money she receives past her initial $600 goal is going to be used to create a fund to support the reproductive health rights of Texan women:

I want to start a group that provides housing, meals, and transportation to women who are traveling for the procedure. That is where you come in. You donate the my project, you get to see a really cool statue get made and the money then goes to help women. You will get some pretty cool stuff and hopefully a nice feeling inside.

It’s true, vaginas are often involved in giving people a nice feeling inside, and I don’t see why a six-foot-tall one should be any exception. Will a giant vagina statue save women’s rights in Texas? Probably not. Will Chloe’s fund to help women get reproductive help get very far? It’s unlikely. Will a giant vulva statue proudly displayed on a street in Austin be, as Chloe promises, ‘hilarious’? Yes. Yes, it will be. If this Kickstarter succeeds, I can only hope that Chloe continues to fill this business need; maybe a vagina-cookie bakery would be just the thing.

(Image: CHAIYA/Shutterstock)

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