Sorry, A Preschooler’s Party Should Not Trump An Adult’s

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“My mother just told me that my sister-in-law told her she has to cancel my niece’s birthday party because I selfishly decided to throw my party on the same day and my niece is extremely disappointed. My mother is now asking me to change my party to ‘keep the peace.'”

The letter writer wants to know if she’s being unreasonable for wanting her own adult party?


No, letter writer, you are not being unreasonable. The only unreasonable thing about this is that people are allowing your sister-in-law to act this way without putting her in check.

This particular column struck a chord, not because it’s about a mom who is taking her daughter’s birthday way too seriously, but because it so clearly illustrates what happens when jerks are allowed to be jerks and their jerk behavior goes unchecked. You don’t become a person who doesn’t think your sister-in-law is entitled to her own adult party in a vacuum — I would bet large amounts of dollars that this woman is unreasonable, self-centered, and narcissistic about many other areas of her life.

It’s a shame that her outburst is affecting her preschooler’s birthday — but this mom can not get her way. People like this need to be told when they are being unreasonable — and requesting that your adult SIL reschedule her milestone birthday because it happens to fall on the same day as your 4-year-old’s is just ridiculous.

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