Mom Goes Full-Crazy And Bills 5-Year-Old Who Was A No-Show At Her Kid’s Birthday Party

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invoiceWhat’s the logical thing to do when one of your child’s friends is a no-show for his birthday party? Send the little flake a bill – duh. That’s the sound decision making that was exhibited by one English mother this month, who sent a bill to school with her son to give to his five-year-old friend who didn’t show up to his birthday party.

Little Alex Nash was invited to a party just before Christmas. The party was at one of those artificial ski slopes that has fake snow and practice skiing. His parents sent an affirmative RSVP, but realized their son was double-booked and already set to spend some time with his grandparents. His schoolmate’s mother, Julie Lawrence, clearly got very angry, as evidenced by the fact that she sent her son to school with an invoice for the child.

The parents told the BBC that they understand she was upset, but wondered why she just didn’t try to contact them. They found the bill in a brown envelope in their son’s backpack. The BBC has a photo of it – Lawrence really does good invoicing work. There’s an invoice number, under “order number” she typed “verbal” and she put the family’s name in the “account number” slot. The invoice details simply say, “party no-show fee.” The fee is $24, I’m assuming the cost of admission to the park?

Nash’s father says Lawrence threatened to take him to small claims court if he doesn’t pay. Woah, lady! Slow your roll. What the Nash family did by not informing her they would miss the party and forcing her to pay for a ticket that wouldn’t be used is definitely rude. But a simple email or phone call would suffice, don’t you think? If you are going to go hard and threaten to take someone to court over the cost of admission for a birthday party, then have the gumption to make a phone call and ask for your money, don’t make your son do the dirty work by slipping another child an invoice.

If you want to throw an elaborate party complete with an admission fee to park for a five-year-old, I think you need to just suck it up and assume the risk. What the Nash family did may have been rude, but Lawrence is trumping rude with crazy. You don’t invoice a child for a missed birthday party, you weirdo. Get a grip. Have the party at home next time if losing $24 makes you go into lawyer-mode.

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