Preorder Disney Plus For Less Than The Price Of A Pumpkin Spice Latte!

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While the entire world –okay, Florida– is bracing for Hurricane Dorian or the debut of Disney’s Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, we can’t lie. We’re giddy with excitement about being able to preorder Disney’s new streaming service, Disney+, and the opportunity to become members of Disney’s Founder’s Circle. Join The Mouse’s latest group of elite Mousketeers for under $4/month and have access to all sorts of magical streaming content? Yes, please!

We're thrilled about preordering Disney+

The Mouse Makes It Happen

Leave it to Disney to make even something as basic as a streaming service as magical as we’d expect it to be with the Disney name on it. Disney’s new streaming service Disney+ is officially launching in the United States, Canada and the Netherlands on November 12th, but if you’re one of the lucky D23 Fan Club members, you can preorder the subscription service, and with a significant discount to boot.

Preorder Disney Plus For Less Than The Price of A Pumpkin Spice Latte

Image: D23/Disney

That’s right–between now and September 2nd (finish reading–you need to hurry, but you have time to finish reading!), you can become part of a Founder’s Circle group that allows you to preorder your subscription for less than $4/month.

Disney+ Deets

So what are the catches? None, really, other than you’ve got to make a three-year-commitment to the service. But really, are you going to decide you don’t want three years of Marvel, Star Wars and The Princess Bride, for goodness’ sake? No, you are not. In fact, you know you’ve been drooling over all your faves in one place (for real), even though it means yet another subscription service.

Preorder Disney Plus for less than $4/month

Image: D23/Disney

But that’s the thing…as more people ‘cut the cords’ and more companies realize that there’s a gold mine in people who just want to be able to watch what they want when they want it, subscription television is where it’s at. And, considering Disney+ is rolling out at nearly $15/month less than Netflix? Ummm, yes. We’re in.

To be part of the Founder’s Circle, you simply need to join the D23 fan club as a general member. It’s free and allows you to then have access to preordering the streaming service. If you want to take advantage of the discount deal, the only catch is you sign up for three years of that phenomenal price and pay the $140.97 in advance.

But that makes the service $3.92 a month for the next 36 months, and saves you from any increases in that next three years too. When the service officially launches in November, it’ll be $7 for just Disney+ and $13 to have the Hulu and ESPN bundle.

You can now preorder Disney+

As you might imagine, a deal this awesome has made the website insanely slow, so you may need to keep trying or give the D23 offer time for it to show up in your account. Disney is kind enough to email you the offer when it’s ready as well, but nobody ever got hurt by refreshing over and over when it comes to deals like this. It may even be better to try and take advantage of it early in the morning or late at night (mothers are never up at those hours, though, are we?) but whatever you do, make sure you do it before 11:59 pm PT Sunday night or you’ll be left out of the club.

And no Mouseketeer ever wants that.