Mom Blogger Indulges Daughter’s Star Wars Crush In The Most Adorable Way

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'Star Wars' : Exhibition Press Preview At La Cite Du CinemaMica Angela Hendricks, artist, blogger at Blue Mockingbird, and Star Wars mom recently published a piece on The Huffington Post about her daughter’s love of C-3PO titled “A Star Wars Crush,” and it’s just as fantastic as it sounds. According to Hendricks:

“Once upon a time, in a galaxy far, far away, our daughter was terribly sick from a flu and was relegated to basically lying on the couch in front of the television… I wondered… is New Hope too “grown-up” for a robot-loving kid? I asked her if she was interested in a movie about robots and outer space. She said yes…And that was where her love of C-3PO began.”

Now, personally, I would have chosen the oh-so-snarky R2D2 at this kid’s age, but considering my unfortunate Darkwing Duck crush at the time, who am I to judge? The heart wants what it wants. Anyway, I’m sure she will be ALL about Han Solo by the time she hits puberty, so whose counting?

Clearly better

Clearly better

For whatever reason, Hendricks’ daughter developed a “crush” of sorts on the stuffy golden guy, so obviously she wants things to be all C-3PO, all the time. Of course, this means that she wants a c-3PO doll, so Hendricks takes to the Internet to find inspiration, eventually coming up with the ideas like using a wooden figure model, creating a creepy-yet-adorable plush version, as well as finding various other ways to show their undying love of the fussbudget robot.

You might remember that Hendricks is the same artist who brought us “Share With Me” collection where she painted these awesome heads and let her daughter finish the bodies. I love how she manages to incorporate her daughter into her work, and as a hobbyist artist myself, it makes me want to light a fire under my butt and find some similar projects for me and my brood.

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