Everything You Need To Know About The Cost Of Disney’s Streaming Service

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Remember the collective mourning sounds heard ’round the world when it was announced that Disney would no longer be available for streaming on Netflix? As Disney fans–parents and children alike–wondered how they’d be able to get their Bambi fix (and more, how much it would cost?) Netflix not-so-quietly let go of yet another streaming strongholds. Now, Disney has announced how much they plan to offer their streaming service for, and we’re here to say it’s not such great news for Netflix. 

Disney’s Streaming Service: Three Is Better Than One

Yes, when we learned that Disney was leaving Netflix to create its own streaming service, Disney+, we were all like, “Ugh. ANOTHER streaming service? Why can’t I just keep it all in one place?” That was pretty much what we imagined Netflix was saying too, as they continually seem to be losing their grip on many of the shows and movies we depended upon them for so many years. Throw in that The Office and Friends will be pulled from Netflix’s line-up, and we’ve pretty much been holding our breath to see how Netflix would entice us to stay with.

Disney’s latest announcement is even more bad news for Netflix, in that they’re planning to bundle some additional streaming services with Disney+, and they’re planning to do it relatively inexpensively at that. That’s right–while you’ll be able to stream Dinsey+ for just $6.99 a month, if you really want to go bananas and cut the cord, you can do so with their new bundle that includes Hulu (with ads, but still) and ESPN+. The price? $12.99, which conveniently happens to be just what Netflix subscriptions run you.

Disney+’s reasonable monthly fee can be paid in full for a year at a discounted rate of $69.99 (saving you two months’ in fees), and if you go with the Disney+ Bundle, you’d save $5 monthly if you were to have all the subscriptions separately.

Disney+ plans to launch in the United States in November and will include 300 movie titles upon launch. They plan to include at least 100 of their ‘recent’ theatrical releases in their first year, and according to CNET, will also offer 7,500 television episodes of fan favorites like That’s So Raven, Boy Meets World and Malcolm In the Middle.

But Wait! There’s More!

We're thrilled about Disney's Streaming Services

Yes, there’s MORE! Disney+ will also be the only place you’ll be able to find Marvel, Pixel and Star Wars movies, as well as some pop-culture faves like The Princess Diaries and High School Musical (and all nine million sequels too).

We all know the folks at Disney aren’t dummies, either, so they’ll also be coming up with original content to suck in  appeal to the newest generation of Disney aficionados. They’ll be rebooting movies like Home Alone, Diary of a Wimpy Kid and Night at the Museum, and we’ll even see more new Marvel and Pixar stuff–including a series inspired by our beloved Monsters, Inc. crew.

Disney's streaming service will offer Hulu and ESPN+ as bundles

It looks like Christmas is coming a little early for the world this year and the new holiday countdown will be the November 12th launch date. And don’t worry; while there’s no real plan to offer Hulu without the ads, guess what? Your kids will get to learn how we had to watch television in the ‘old days,’ and they’ll be stronger for it!